Nightmare Fuel / Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Come over here...

  • Take your pick. The Klowns have some disturbingly unusual ways of killing people.
    • Jumbo's antics are unnervingly Bloodier and Gorier than the rest of the clowns.
    • A helpless middle aged security guard is reduced to a steaming pile of bones (if even that much) by acidic pies.
    • Here's some lovely Fridge Horror for you folks. During the ending scene Mike, Dave and Debbie get pelted with goop from the exploded tent. Seems like a cute ending joke, until you realize that it's pie...
  • Hell, the Klowns in general are so hideously frightening that you gotta wonder how none of the townsfolk notices anything wrong with them.
  • The scene where the Klowns capture the farmer's dog. The fact that you never see what happens to it makes it worse than the other deaths.
    • If you look closely at the first time you see the cotton candy room, there is a cocoon next to the farmer that's smaller than all the others. Word of God in the director's commentary confirms that is the dog...
  • The line "Don't worry, Dave. All we wanna do is kill you." soon after Mooney is killed.
  • The scene where the Klown tries to lure the little girl out of Burger Fool, pictured above. This is the only time in the movie when a child is even shown, let alone in danger. The background soundtrack fades out, replaced by a very creepy chorus. It's effective, and not played for laughs at all.