Headscratchers / Killer Klowns from Outer Space

  • The Terenzi Brothers survived the explosion of their ice cream truck while still inside it when it was thrown by the big bad monster clown... they hid in the freezer with all the ice cream. After the spaceship exploded, the burned out truck fell at a great height, and they still managed to survive in one piece after all that!
    • The above troper clearly Took the Bad Film Seriously. It's a movie about alien clowns who wrap people in cotton candy cocoons and drink their blood through curly straws, man! Lighten up!
      • It's the Headscratchers page, it's the appropriate place on the wiki for it. I just saw the movie for the first time and was unaware it was a parody of monster movie tropes myself until I saw it.
    • They are clearly experienced rogues and simply made their Reflex save for zero damage.
    • The freezer walls were fireproof, shatterproof, and cushioned. These guys must love their ice cream.
  • Are the clowns actually wearing clown makeup, or is that their natural coloring?
    • According To A DVD Extra they're Space Slugs that Happen too look like Clowns So I'd Guess it's their natural coloring.
    • The Klown-spawn that sprout from the popcorn on Debbie's clothes are white-faced, and they certainly wouldn't have had access to make-up in her laundry hamper, so presumably they're born (hatched?) that way.
  • Ok I understand what the Cotton Candy does. But why capture humans in balloons as well? Aside from it being the only plot device to excuse them from killing off Debbie.
  • The Klowns kill everybody else they get the opportunity to so why do they only take Debbie hostage?
    • They probably had different plans for her, like using Debbie to give birth to delicious children. That's what farmers do to cows and chickens.
    • Three points:
      • 1) If I remember correctly, there are a few dozen balloons and the police officer even says "There might be some people in here." They were taking quite a number of people hostage.
      • 2) When released, Debbie is alive, if a bit light headed. That could be because she didn't have oxygen in the balloon, or it could have been the balloon kept her in suspended animation.
      • 3) We see the cotton candy VERY quickly liquefies the victims, as one of the clowns is able to drink the blood in what I would guess was only a few hours.
      • So, with these in mind, I have two theories. As people have mentioned above, the clowns intended to use the survivors as breeding stock. They got an assortment of males and females (multiple balloons) so they would have a diverse gene pool. The other theory is that the cotton candy cocoons cause the body/blood to spoil too quickly. By putting a fair amount of victims in the balloons, which don't kill and keep the person in suspended animation, they would have a longer supply of blood for their journey back home. Think of it as having lots of fresh food to eat today, but also some canned foods to eat next week.