YMMV / Killer Klowns from Outer Space

  • Awesome Music : The title theme by The Dickies.
    • "Killer Klow-wow-wow-whooHOO! From Outer Space~!"
  • Foe Yay: The "Female Klown" scene, starts with the the Terenzi brothers meeting the Klowns, who do the aforementioned Breast Expansion scene. You'd think they were done for. The next scene however shows them running like hell with no marks on them save for comically huge lipstick marks on their face. They must have done some impression on them otherwise they would have either been corpses or next in the cotton candy cocoon collection.
  • Inferred Holocaust: It's never spelled out just how many people were killed by the Klowns, but they were scooping people up all over town (to the point that they needed a giant vacuum cleaner for the job) and there were a lot of cotton candy cocoons in the tent ship. The number's probably in the hundreds. The movie ends on a lighthearted Pie in the Face gag however.
  • Moral Event Horizon: One of the Klowns, Jumbo luring a child in an attempt to bash her skull in with a mallet, luckily her mother stops her, in order to get her back to eating food. Made worse because that clown pretended to be friendly even by the Klown's standards in order to lure her.
  • Music to Invade Poland To: The collection machine scene, by admission of the composer.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Obviously was intending to be this to anyone with even a passing fear of clowns. Ironically, some people with clown phobias find the characters in this movie less scary than normal ones because they're so Obviously Evil, as opposed to the real thing trying sincerely to be cheerful and innocent.
    • Jumbo's antics are unnervingly Bloodier and Gorier than the rest of the clowns
    • A helpless middle aged security guard is reduced to a steaming pile of bones (if even that much) by acidic pies.
  • One-Scene Wonder: John Vernon (Sgt. Mooney) has a grand total of seven minutes of screen time. He gets an "And Starring" credit. Then again, he was pretty much the only big name in the cast.
  • Too Funny to Live: The same traits that make Mooney the most hilarious character (namely, his over-the-top profanities) also mark him as doomed to anyone familiar with this type of movie.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The movie in general, which was possibly intentional.
  • Special Effects Failure: In a meta sense- The car that fell the way it did in the chase scene wasn't supposed to do that but instead fall all the way down. However the crew forgot to remove the stoppers.
    • In a less meta sense. Debbie's arm disappears into a matte painting, Mike almost trips on top of the Terenzi brothersnote , and a zipper can be seen on the back of a Klown's head at one point. Some of the optical effects, like the shadow puppet are also suspect.
  • Ugly Cute: Some fans might consider the Klowns as this, especially Shorty.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Despite the above-mentioned errors, the Klown effects aren't half bad for the film's low $2 million budget.