Nightmare Fuel / Jam

Chris Morris's Jam (TV)
  • The one where a man jumps into a wood chipper that sprays his bloody remains all over his ex's house (and into her face, as she was leaning out of the window).
  • The man who wakes up and discovers he's just a head and a spinal column.
  • The Gush.
    • The most disgusting part may be a throwaway line about how you know the victim's dying "when it turns red, then eventually black." Doubly so if you know what causes Black Blood in real life.
  • Most of it, really. The series, with few exceptions, is deliberately intended to make the viewer incredibly uncomfortable if not terrified. Unsurprising given that the opening more or less tells you it's about people who have totally broken down beyond all rationality.
  • It has this effect on so many people that, according to The Other Wiki, Jam came 26th in Channel 4's top 100 scariest moments poll, beating actual horror works such as Carrie and Silence of the Lambs.
  • The ending to the "Lizard Man" sketch - the husband becomes a hysterical, crying wreck...because there are lizards coming out of his TV.

Yahtzee Croshaw's Jam (Literature)
  • The graphic description of Frank being dissolved.
  • The cultists in the mall. Particularly Lord Awesomo. This is what happens when psychotic hipsters form an equally psychotic cult. When tossing a cult member into the deadly jam, instantly killing him, all Awesomo has to say is "He died ironically. You older generation just don't get our sense of humor."
  • Imagine watching your best friend since childhood slowly lose his grip on sanity until he's actively killing people.