Nightmare Fuel / Inhumanoids

This show is brimming with it. Between the horrifying transformations, vicious monsters and Family Unfriendly Deaths, it's a surprise they let it air on over-the-air TV without controversy.
  • Let's look at the basic concept; there are Eldritch Abominations at the center of the Earth... and they want to wipe. Us. Out. They can appear anywhere on the planet, wreak havoc to their heart's content, and then vanish before we can react. And did we mention they're all the size of kaiju?
    • One such monster, Metlar, is a gigantic demon of living metal & rock who can produce globs of magma/molten iron from his mouth and use them as projectiles, he can animate any ordinary stone or metal statue as a loyal slave-warrior, and did we mention he's implied an interest in what humans taste like?
    • Another such monster, Tendril, is a hulking mass of vines, a mountain-sized array of Combat Tentacles that can grow clones of himself within seconds of being shot or sliced apart.
    • * You can make any fan (or just viewer) of the 80s cartoon Inhumanoids soil himself with just one word DECOMPOSE!."The third monster, D'Compose, is a sort of decaying zombie dinosaur who can both reanimate the dead as his mindless slaves and, with a touch, cause a living human being to transform into a decaying, gargantuan, monstrous version of themselves. He gets to show this off in the second episode. The results are... not pretty.
  • Episode 8 has D'Compose animating the corpse of Mad Scientist Doctor Manglar into the horrifying-looking Nightcrawler. Even he seems aghast at what he has unleashed!
  • Episode 9 introduces the crocodilian-looking Gagoyle, a baby monstrosity that hatches from a man-sized egg and then starts ruthlessly devouring its siblings, eggs and hatched ones alike. By the next episode, it's fully grown and is showing off a see-through stomach. What's worse is that this creature is explicitly a mindless eating machine; it exists only to devour everything in sight.
  • The screams of D'Composes's skeleton warriors and mutated minions are quite terrifying.