YMMV / Inhumanoids

  • Genius Bonus: The three Inhumanoids represent all three of the scientific "kingdoms", and these three kingdoms arguably help define the Inhumanoids' respective roles.
    Mineral: Metlar. Since the planet itself is made of various mineral substances, it makes sense that he's the leader.
    Animal: D'Compose. Quite a few animal species are at least somewhat intelligent, so it makes sense that he's intelligent as well, making him Metlar's Dragon.
    Vegetable: Tendril. No plant species are known to have any intelligence as we understand it. In fact, the term "vegetable" is often used to describe a person whose higher brain functions have stopped. It wouldn't make sense for Tendril not to be a Brute.
  • Playing Against Type: Dr. Derek Bright, mechanical master and general badass, is voiced by Richard Sanders- Les Nessman.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: It is, despite being violent and dark.
    • Particularly any episode focused on D'Compose's signature touch of undeath.
  • The Woobie: Tendril in "Primal Passions". He may have been evil, but Earth Corp pulled a pretty mean move on him.