Nightmare Fuel / Going Postal

  • The One Month Prologue.
    • The fates of the four previous postmasters:
      • Mr Mutable falls five stories 'smack, sir, smack on to the marble' head first, and splashes,
      • Mr Sideburn drops through the ghost of a staircase and falls down five flights of stairs, breaking just about every bone in his body in the process,
      • Mr Ignavia dies from a heart attack that, we later learn, was caused by walking through a human ghost and seeing everything inside them as he did it,
      • And as for poor Dark Clerk Whobblebury, who fell onto the "Bloody Stupid" Johnson-designed Sorting Engine... 'His head was all over the wall!'
    • Mr Gryle is walking Nightmare Fuel.
    • The clacksmen's tendency to think they can fly, and learn otherwise.