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Nightmare Fuel: Five Nights at Freddy's

(In case you're really, really scared by now, go right down to the bottom and click the link.)

There's a few good reasons as to why this game is considered one of the scariest of 2014. Examples include...
  • The title screen sets the mood well enough, but if you sit around, Freddy starts twitching, showing his endoskeleton, and making horrifying expressions that makes said endoskeleton look almost like fangs at first glance.
  • Anytime a robot screams in your face, especially after you lower the monitor not knowing they've entered the room while you were looking through the camera feeds.
    • Made even worse when a glitch reveals the full scream without being cut off as heard here (or here). It's a child screaming.
      • Even worse(er), a few commentators suggested that the scream sounded like what a child would make if they were bitten by Foxy (the best candidate for the bite of '87 due to his sharp teeth). At the end of the video, the scream becomes quieter and less shrill. Who's to say that wasn't the child dying/going unconscious as Foxy tore through the entire front lobe of their brain?
  • Freddy's Tune.
    • Also the breathing from the robots.
  • Depending on your view, the Game Over screen can be this.
    • To elaborate, it cuts to the supply closet, with the focus being on a Freddy costume. Doesn't sound too scary, right? Well the first call with Phone Guy reveals that, if the mascots catch you, they plan to shove you into a Freddy costume, and the assorted wires and crossbeams would crush and kill you iron maiden-style. As Phone Guy puts it, "the only parts of you that would likely see the light of day again would be your eyeballs and teeth that would pop out the front of the mask". And, lo and behold, you can see that there IS a set of teeth and a pair of eyes inside the bear, both haphazardly hanging out of the "mouth" and "skull" of the Freddy costume. No guesses for who they just came from.
  • The freaking hallucinations especially Golden Freddy, which if you don't look right back at the camera to a different room, he will kill you or crash the game.
    • Since the game is so vague on what is actually going on, Gold Freddy and all the other hallucinations could indeed be real, and really happening to Mr. Schmidt.
  • Few things will get your heart pounding more than the image of Foxy racing down the hallways and leaving you with only a split second to shut the door.
  • The Bite of '87. Someone that day lost their frontal lobe to either Freddy, or one of his friends, and survived. And in case you didn't know, not having a functioning frontal lobe makes you a vegetable.
  • The animatronics themselves are deep into the Uncanny Valley; even before they start stalking you there's just something inherently off about them. Their movements are jerky and unnatural and their teeth are disturbingly humanlike. It makes you wonder how they ever managed to endear themselves to children (although a summary of the game says that adults find them pretty creepy, too).
    • For some reason, the fact that their eyelids and areas around their eyes are either black or very dark is this as well. It's hard to explain, but those dark eyes and the way they're always half-lidded.
  • You can hear footsteps, shuffling sounds and noises from the Animatronics, especially Foxy sprinting up towards your station. What noise does Freddy make? Deep, low, demonic-sounding laughter. And sometimes he moves without even making the sound.
    • Setting his AI to twenty, the highest difficulty possible, on the seventh night gets you a constant stream of his laughter all night long as he crosses the pizzeria in seconds flat to get you.
  • Watching Freddy and the others through cameras. Sometimes it'll darken or glitch out for a moment, and then they're gone. Other times they'll begin twitching horribly in place for staring at them too long. And sometimes, they'll be up close to the camera, staring directly at you. Especially Freddy.
    • Even worse when you realize that despite having relatively bright eyes, their eyes tend to become pitch-black in the dark with only the occasional shine or light source. And then they start glowing in the center.
    • Chica is by far the worse of the bunch. When she moves, she will always, always be staring at the camera with that gaping maw of her
  • The second set of teeth in Chica's mouth are smaller than the ones belonging to the metal endoskeletons and might belong to either the previous guard or a child stuffed inside her.
    • Word of God actually confirmed that the second set of teeth belongs to Chica's endoskeleton, not a victim's. This information does nothing to change the fact that it looks disturbing as all get-out.
  • For some reason there's a cupcake with the same eyes as the robots in your office, just sitting there and uninteractive. It's hard to see, but Chica holds a matching cupcake on the stage before they start lurching for your office.
  • The "Rules for Safety" poster has a low chance to turn into one of four newspaper articles when viewed through the cameras. They describe how no less than five children were abducted by a man in the restaurant. The bodies were never found, as they were presumably the first to be stuffed inside the 'bots.
    Poster: Police were contacted when parents reportedly noticed what appeared to be blood and mucus around the eyes and mouths of the mascots. One parent likened them to "reanimated carcasses".
  • At least one or two streamers have been trying to figure out the game's AI, and how to counter it on night seven. Usually by setting one or more of the AIs to zero. They'd still come out and kill them despite, for most players' efforts, effectively having been shut down.
  • The messages from the Phone Guy get progressively more frightening as the game progresses. On Night 4, the message is cut off as the Phone Guy begins to panic with the sound of Freddy's theme in the same room as him. Cue the screech and the end of the message. It's very clear what just happened.
  • The cameras don't let you see into the kitchen, only listen to it. Occasionally you'll hear noises, like Chica eating something. But what on earth is back there?
    • ...Pizza?
    • The fans fully agree that Chica's simply hungry and is eating any leftover Pizza.
  • Turn up the brightness enough to make out one of Freddy's posters, and you'll see that it's...this...thing.
    • Which makes an odd sort of sense when you realize that that's what happens to the poster just before it becomes the one that triggers Golden Freddy, the empty costume that kills you. But if the metal skeleton isn't in Freddy, then where... oh, dear.
  • Sometimes when Foxy leaves Pirate's Cove the sign "Sorry! Out of Order" will change to "IT'S ME"
    • Foxy's gradual emergence from the curtains is also chilling. Foxy's final position, having drawn the curtain and emerged, is particularly terrifying- Foxy's hook is raised and resting on his tilted chin in a manner that looks as if he's contemplating whether or not to charge you down.
  • One fan recorded a voice clip for Bonnie. It starts out so innocently... then her voice starts skipping. Then you start hearing demonic voices and whispers as Bonnie's voice gets more and more messed up. Then the banging starts. Be sure to listen to it with headphones for the best effect. Or better yet, don't. I'm heeere!
    • Possibly one of the most disturbing parts of that recording is her laughter. It gets played normally at first, but later on it gets sped up to almost humorous chipmunk-like levels. And then it changes to sobbing.
    • Naturally, there's one for Foxy as well. Don't leave me...
    • And one for Chica. Oh please, no... not my friends... please... wh... why are you doing thi=*STATIC*
      • Another Chica one, done by the same creator of the Foxy one. Ask your mom for a heaping pla-a-ate of brains- sk your mom for a heaping plate of veggies for dinner!
    • A couple more: the whole band together (this time with male Bonnie), and the Bite of '87.
      • In the Bite of '87 video, the whispers as the announcer speaks. And on top of that, the whispers as FOXY speaks.
    Foxy:Freddy best be getting back to the stage, or I'll be for-for-for-forced ta—GUT THE PIG—for-for-forced ta make him walk the plank!
  • Here's a question for you: With the exception of Foxy, the other mascots tend not to move in any noticeable way when you watch them, until either you've made it to the fifth night, or have been watching them for too long, at which point they start twitching. You're sitting in an isolated room with only two ways in or out, and you are watching the mascots though security cameras. All that being said, here's a question that will keep you up at night: how do they know when you're watching them? Unless there's a light that comes on when you look through the cameras, there is no way that they should be aware of your attention. Is the cupcake spying on you? Is it in league with them? After all, the backstory says that there were five children... and there are only four mascot costumes.
    • But there's a fifth animatronic endoskeleton — the one you see in the backstage area. And it knows when you're watching...
    • Actually, many security cameras do have a "tally light" that comes on when you activate them. That doesn't explain why the animatronics would notice it, though — or the empty heads and naked endoskeleton in the back room, for that matter.
    • It is also possible that the cameras only move left and right when the player has them selected.
    • Considering the table doesn't appeared to be wired to anything, yet using it drains power, it's entirely possible the cameras aren't even switched on until accessed.
  • Whenever the power runs out. The fan turns off and the entire room is dark until you turn to the left door and see Freddy's face being illuminated by a strobe light as that freakin' jingle of his is playing in the background before the power switches off entirely as he and his crew go in for the kill. If you were able to make it to at least 5 AM when this happens, you're left praying that you were able to buy enough time for the clock to turn to 6 AM before the jingle finishes. If not, kiss your hearing goodbye.
    • It's the tension that makes it worse. First time it happens you have no clue what the hell's going on (heck some LPers even thought they won the day). You're down to nothing but moonlighting as, it assumed, the small sliver of reserve power goes out. Then things go pitch black once the song finishes (or just cuts off) and you're left just waiting... Of course if you're near the 6 AM mark you could still make it. Otherwise, Freddy will give you his definition of bear hug.
  • The Golden Freddy costume is empty: no animatronic endoskeleton. While the other anamatronics all have freaky Uncanny Valley eyes, the Golden Freddy costume having completely black, empty, soulless eyes can be even more frightening...
    • Actually if you look closely at the eyeholes when Golden Freddy is sitting in the office, you can see two faint glowing dots...the same glowing dots that the other animatronics get when their eyes black out. While there isn't a suit inside, it doesn't mean that something else could be in there. Spend too long staring into the abyss...
    • No endoskeleton also means its mouth is left hanging open. Nothing inside but pitch darkness, which only adds to the terror...
    • The entire existence of Golden Freddy is terrifying. While the animatronics all have a reason for being there, nothing is given about Golden Freddy. All we know is that he's a Golden version of Freddy Fazbear with no eyes and no exoskeleton, possibly a costume for an employee to wear. The animatronics can roam around at night, but Golden Freddy doesn't show up on the drawings or anywhere at all, and can't move. He can only appear if you view a mysterious changing poster that shows his face on it, and he can somehow warp into your office even if the the doors are closed. And worst of all, as typing in 1-9-8-7 on the custom night summons him and he has no exoskeleton, he's probably the one responsible for the Bite of '87 and killing the 5 kids!
    • It gets worse. Much worse. Golden Freddy appearing when the numbers are set there is since confirmed to be an in-gag for anybody who thought they were being clever. No connection to the bite, just an empty costume. ...However, think about it: we have all five kids accounted for; four costumed animatronics and one endoskeleton you occasionally see. So then, how do you explain Golden Freddy? Well, thinking on the matter...the childrens' killer did lure them in by wearing a Freddy Fazbear costume, didn't they? We know now that management makes dumb decisions to ensure profit keeps rolling in. Maybe they decided to keep the costume, despite discoloration, in case they found use for it? And maybe, just maybe...the late children didn't take too kindly to that...
  • The game briefly implies the player character (and, by extension, the Phone Guy, and any other security guards) took the job without knowing about the killer animatronics. The implication's creepy enough for the player character, who at least has Phone Guy's phone calls to alert him, but it's safe to assume (since Phone Guy can't record messages for himself), that at least one guard has had to figure it out for themselves with no prior warning or instruction.
    • There may have been two guards once, and one died, while the other didn't... and the survivor puzzled out what had happened afterwards.
  • A non-meta example. Someone on tumblr made a story/theory on what happened at the Bite of '87. In the story, at a boy's birthday party, he and his friends go to Freddy Fazzbear's Pizzeria. Now, all the animatronics were hunky-dory then. The kids sang their songs and ate their pizza, and the animatronics were freely walking, handing out stickers and hugging the children. The Grand Finale was supposed to include Chica bringing out a large cake for the birthday child and taking a large bite out of it at the end of the song. So, the cake is brought out, everyone sings, and Chica goes for the bite... and misses, crushing the birthday boy's head in her jaws. Whether or not it was an accidental miss of the AI system or whether it was intentional is unknown.
    God, its been what? 30 some odd years since then? An icy shiver still runs down my spine any time I think about Charlie’s 7th birthday party. I don’t think a single kid walked away that day without a goody bag full of years of psychological therapy and a childhood full of night terrors.
    I’d never been to Freddy’s, but the kids in my class would always talk about it. The pizza, the prizes, the games, and of course - Freddy’s anamatronic jamboree. There was freddy of course, the lovable teddy with a top hat, Chica the chick, Bonnie the bunny - those were the key players and last but not least, it was supposedly always a treat when foxy would come slinking out of pirates cove, when it wasn’t out of order that is. So finally, I’m six years old and my best friend Charlie Hannigan is having his seventh birthday party at Freddy’s. The day he handed out invitations in class my heart raced and when he slid my invitation with the colorful happy mascots on it onto my desk I nearly peed myself.
    Well, the day finally came and my mom held my hand as she walked me into freddy’s. My six year old heart was a-flutrter as my eyes were met with what seemed to me then like little kid heaven. Colorful flashing lights, Freddy’s catchy songs and dances - which now that I look back on it really just seem like well timed mechanical spasms, and games - games as far as the eye could see. The scent of pizza wafted through the air - not real pizza of course, but that kind of pizza that you know is made cheap but taste delicious regardless, that kind of pizza.
    Most of the kids in my class had already arrived, so Charlie and some of the other boys ran up to me as soon as I arrived. Once my mom had a quick chat with charlie’s mom she gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and left. Charlie and I ran off to play a few rounds of ski ball. There was really only time for maybe three games before someone in a freddy’s uniform approached us and gathered all the kids around to “Wake freddy up.” - that’s what they called it. “Waking freddy up.” now that I think about it, kind of a horrifying notion.
    So we all stood there in anticipation, those of us who had never been to freddy’s began jumping and screaming for joy, we couldn’t wait for the show to begin.
    “Wake up Freddy!” Wake up Chica!” “Wake up Bonnie!” we’d all cry out in unison. We had front row seats to the greatest show any kid could dream of. Soon, the curtains drew open and there on the stage before us were these larger than life stars, finally, I have seen freddy and words could not do him justice. The band sprang to life and I could tell he was looking right at us. Chica lead them in a countdown and they were rocking. Their slow and jerking movements which seemed so fluid and effortless then matching the rhythm of their pre recorded anthem. Some of the kids sang along, real fred heads a few of them, lucky enough to come here with their parents every weekend.
    They played and sang and danced - it was amazing, they even had the range to move around the stage! I’d never seen anything like it before. Their set came to a close, we went to our seats, and the pizza was served. We ate till our little bellies were full and then came the real treat of the evening. The music began to ring out again and before we knew it, Freddy and his band were marching around the tables! Everyone got a chance to really get up close and personal with Freddy and the band, they were giving out high fives, stickers, and some even stuck around for a hug or two.
    I could tell when I high fived freddy that there wasn’t anyone inside, they were the same remote controlled characters from up on stage. His bony metal endoskeleton stung my hand with the force of his high five. Chica followed out of the big show room doors last, wearing the signature “let’s eat” bib and carrying the biggest birthday cake I had ever seen. They lead us back to our table once more - The birthday boy’s hand grasped tight in Freddy’s as he sat back down at the head of the table. Bonnie tied a “lets eat” bib around his neck too - he was part of the band, a special treat reserved only for the special birthday child. Here, I knew, I had to have my party here. I had to come back. I wanted to be a part of the band.
    But then, Chica laid the cake in front of Charlie and we all joined the band in singing happy birthday to Charlie. The song had ended and anyone who had been to freddy’s before knows that for the grand finale of the band’s rendition of happy birthday Chica dives face first into the cake and takes a great big bite out of it. A real riot especially for anyone who wasn’t expecting it. Well, I guess the animatronic bird mis-measured it’s mark because I don’t think birthday cake is supposed to crunch. A loud crack echoed through Freddy’s and it seemed the whole world fell silent. I think Jimmy Fitzpatrick was the first to really comprehend what had just happened because the silence was broken by the retching sound of his vomit splattering against the floor. We all looked to charlie and chica. Blood poured down Charlie’s face, his body must have been in shock because he never screamed. Chica’s jaw continued to jolt open and closed, struggling with bits of bone and flesh and hair and what I think may have been just a bit of charlie’s brain. Chica had missed the birthday cake and the animatronic bird’s heavy steel jaws clamped down and tore away at charlie’s scalp.
    What happened after this is hazy, the world seemed to fall apart soon after. I remember hearing Charlie’s mother scream and a team of employees rushed to the table. The paramedics came for charlie, and the reactions of my class mates were met with confusion, tears, and a sickly feeling in all of our guts. Charlie had to be taken out of school. He was lucky enough to be alive, but the rehabilitation process was grueling. I still see him from time to time. He hasn’t changed much since he was seven, but then again he couldn’t no matter how hard he tried. His mental capacity just couldn’t handle it. I know they closed Freddy’s for a short while due to some legal issues and of course maintenance problems. I haven’t gone back there since. Suffice to say, I’m a little bit hesitant now. Today is my son’s seventh birthday and He’s got his little heart set on the real authentic Freddy’s birthday experience.
  • Another person theorized that the fifth child wasn't the endoskeleton, but Golden Freddy. In this theory, they said each of the 5 kids were stuffed into the suits, and then the suits took on a trait after they died. Why is Golden Freddy's mouth open? The child laughed as he was being killed.
    • The full theory for why the animatronics move the way they do is here. It's... really depressing. Of course, it's only a fan theory.
      In addition, there’s the idea that each suit at Freddy’s moves like it does because that’s how the children acted before they died. Bonnie is so aggressive because he put up a fight; Chica has her mouth constantly hanging opened because she screamed the whole time; Foxy dashes to your office because he tried to run from the murderer; Freddy only comes out in the dark because he hid in the back room until the owner turned out the lights, luring him out with a false sense of security. And Golden Freddy, Freddy’s brother or twin brother, laughed hysterically as he was killed.
  • The official video explaining the lore behind the game is...very creepy.
  • Whenever Bonnie or Chica manage to get near your office and you turn the lights on them, resulting in a Scare Chord. Just the way they're looking at you, getting ready to pounce (heck you can't even see Bonnie when you close the door on him. The only clue if he's still there is the shadow against the wall when you turn the lights on). What's more if you don't hit the doors in time or they get disabled. The only way to survive is to not look at the tablet. Once you do...
  • The fact that Freddy is the most unpredictable of the lot and keeps to the shadows most of the time when you try to track him. Plus barely any early warning when he's close to you during gameplay (Chica and Bonnie at least appear outside the guard station giving you time to close the door. And when you see the empty curtain in Pirates Cove, that's an early warning to hit the left side door to keep Foxy from getting in. The only real warning you get if Freddy's close to you is if he's staring at the camera in the East Hallway). If you try to close both doors early, he somehow manages to get in anyway. And when he does get you, its two kinds of worse. As stated above his attack when the power goes out is bad enough. But he looks far more sinister when he does it when the power is still on.
  • The animatronics' behavior—specifically, the fact that they stop when being looked at through cameras—may remind one of SCP-173, the creature that kills whoever ceases eye contact with it.
  • The teaser poster for the sequel on Scott Cawthon's webpage gives us a lovely image of a creepier-looking Freddy with buttons and torn arms.
    • Two words: Grand Reopening. Is there no mercy?

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