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Nightmare Fuel: Eraserhead
  • There are several scenes that heighten the viewer's fear of Nothing Is Scarier. For instance, there is a lot of long-lasting shots (5-10 minutes) of absolute white/ black, while the soundtrack (if it can be called that) turns into something that sounds like blood rushing into your ears, making it impossible to tear one's eyes from the screen yet be terrified at the prospect of what might or might not happen.
  • So very much. From the Man-Made Chickens, to Henry's child, to The Lady In The Radiator, to ...
  • The baby cackling towards the end of the film. When it started doing that, one knew something was seriously wrong with it. The thing was just interchangeably annoying and creepy up until that point.
    • Those...giant...fucking...heads...
  • When the Lady across the hall has a vision of the baby.
  • When Henry sees the Man In The Planet on the stage
  • The way the Lady across the hall comes out of the shadows.
  • "Oh, you ARE sick!"
  • The baby's dissection took the cake.
    • As did the subsequent lung-stabbing, after which it was gushing blood...or some kind of fluid.

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