Nightmare Fuel: Coil

  • "Queens Of The Circulating Library", a nearly fifty-minute track mostly composed of resonant drones, goes into this territory about halfway through, with a spoken-word piece that ends up invoking Nothing Is Scarier.
  • Their side-project Zos Kia has the song "Rape", inspired by personal experience, specifically that of their vocalist. It becomes very intense very quickly.
    • "Poisons" isn't any easier to listen to either.
  • In a similar vein, "The Tenderness Of Wolves", if only due to the looping infant screams.
  • "Blood From The Air", especially the sudden rush of strange, high-pitched noises halfway through. That, and the lyrics, which pretty much about detailed Scenery Gorn.
  • The Music To Play In The Dark duology, which manages to keep up a consistently unsettling atmosphere throughout.
  • "It's In My Blood," primarily due to its shrieked, blabbering vocals and the dramatic orchestra playing in- and out-of-time with the beat.
  • "Things Happen." First we have Jhonn's distorted shouting, then Annie Anxiety's sultry-voiced spoken word, loaded with creepy innuendo and implication, all to a rather tense melody.
  • One of their albums, "Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil" is full of nightmare fuel. "Higher Beings Command" is a bitcrushed noise jam, "I Am The Green Child" is a distorted, psychedelic singalong, and the "Tunnel of Goats" set is pure, warped noise, along with phased vocals by Jhonn.