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Nightmare Fuel: Coheed and Cambria
  • "Three Evils" has what is probably the most disturbing Ear Worm ever. "Pull the trigger and the nightmare stops, pull the trigger and the nightmare stops..."
    • The lyrics themselves are so disturbing that Equal vision made the band issue a disclaimer in the lyrics booklet stating that the lyrics are in the context of the story and not meant to be taken seriously.
  • Also from "Three Evils" comes the filler track that segues into "The Crowing". It contains a slow, but rather creepy buildup that goes from street-level outside a pub to down in the sewers where a soft whimpering is heard that explodes into a loud "SKREE-" sound. It's used (at least, according to fanon) whenever an Onstantine Priest is lurking around.
  • Coheed's "Welcome Home" video qualifies. And "Blood Red Summer" too, thinking about it.
  • Claudio also made a quite graphic Willing Well IV: The Final Cutnote  video which shows himself (not in Real Life) torturing his (Real Life) girlfriend...creepy...
  • "Ten Speed" doesn't have a very frightening music video, but the song itself is about a man arguing with his bicycle about killing off a fictional character based on his girlfriend. In the interlude, if you listen closely, you can hear a bit of their conversation.
    Ten Speed: But are you going to kill her off?
    The Writer: It's not your decision. I love her character, she stays.
    Ten Speed: Yeah, well the only thing love's done is put you in this position; I say kill her off!
    The Writer: Yeah, but you say a lot of things... how does that work? You're a bicycle!
  • The Willing Well II: "You'll burn in hell while they're diggin' you out!"
  • Much by Coheed qualifies as nightmare fuel, what with the lyrics about murder and all. Even if it is in the context of an epic science fiction story.

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