Nightmare Fuel: A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

  • The funny thing about Dream Child is that while it's not one of the most fondly remembered of the sequels, there was a large portion of the film considered so horrible and disgusting that said scenes were cut out of the subsequent VHS and DVD releases, and they still haven't been put on official releases 25 years later. Those scenes came out of Dan and Greta's respective deaths, with Dan being forcibly merged with the motorcycle he's driving, and Greta being force fed her own organs before Krueger chokes her to death. The death scenes are still in the official releases but they have content cut out of them, such as:
    • More emphasis on Krueger shoving wires into Dan's body and under his skin, the fact that Dan's blood was replaced with gasoline until his remaining skin became dry and ripped away, to Dan's face being torn off and wires inserted into his skull.
    • The reveal that all this time Krueger had actually been clawing out parts of Greta's stomach and intestinal tract and feeding them to her, until he basically digs his claws into her abdomen and rips out a large chunk just to show it to her.
  • Literally from this line.
    Freddy: Fuel injection!
  • Greta's hideously swollen face in her dream, caused not just from the "food" Freddy is making her eat, but her own vomit as well.