Awesome / A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

  • When, once again, Freddy is taunting Alice, she picks up a metal rod and impales him through his mouth.
    Alice: Why don't you just shut up?
    • Even better, that scene was included in the opening of Freddy vs. Jason, highlighting Alice as one of the people to beat the shit out of Freddy.
  • Alice taking the fight straight to Krueger in the dreamworld, goading him on and calling him a coward in order to draw him out. She then catches him by surprise and impales him on the demonic looking baby carriage that was seen earlier in the movie, and pushes him straight into the den of his rapist, maniac fathers. They promptly rip him to shreds. It doesn't kill Freddy completely, but that was definite quick thinking on her end.
    • Of special note, when Alice is calling Krueger a coward, it cuts to a shot of him looking very pissed off. Alice is one of only a few characters who can push Freddy's Berserk Button and make him legitimately angry enough to stop treating the situation like a game.
    • Also a Call Back to Dream Warriors, when Kincaid called Freddy out by calling him a pussy and a coward.
  • The fact that Alice manages to survive two films, something that none of the other characters in the series (besides Freddy, of course) were able to do.
  • Alice's father Dennis stands up for her when Dan's parents come by and try to threaten Alice with a lawsuit in order to claim parental custody of Jacob, after Alice's doctor apparently called them to say Alice was acting hysterical and may not be fit to be a parent.