Funny / A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

  • When Greta's mom scolds her at the graduation for trying to lick Mark's lollipop, Mark's father leans out into the aisle to snatch a look at the "cover girl" she's telling off.
  • Mark, a hemophobic (fear of blood), realizes he's bleeding. "Whaa...? Oh shit." *faints*
  • "Faster than a bastard maniac, more powerful than a loco-madman, it's Super-Freddy!"
  • Freshly resurrected Freddy: It's a boooy!
  • In Dan's dream, he hears his mother on the radio complaining about how he was seduced by "that bimbo slut whore Alice." His only reaction is "Mom?" as if he totally expected her to say something like that.
  • "Hi Alice, you wanna make babies?"