Music / WoodenToaster

"In the Rainbow Factory... where your fears and horrors come true... In the Rainbow Factory... where not a single soul gets through..."
—"Rainbow Factory"

One day, a man from the United Kingdom got together some money, bought FL Studio, and created a song. That song, "Rainbow Factory", turned the sugary paradise of Friendship is Magic's floating city of Cloudsdale into one of the darkest towns with a dark secret, by making up the explanation that the rainbows we see in Cloudsdale's factories in Sonic Rainboom are made from liquefied Pegasi. The song skyrocketed him to popularity, spawned its own fanfiction, and made WoodenToaster—or, as he likes to call himself, Glaze—one of the premier musical artists of the Bronydom's Golden Age.

Nowadays he's moved on from the grim and dark sectors of music, making songs lighter or more happy than his previous work, but he's still remembered best for "Rainbow Factory", with its trademark sounds and insane catchiness. Unfortunately, he's also well-known for having one of the worst cases of Schedule Slip in the history of the fandom, sometimes taking upwards of two years to finish a song and upload it to his YouTube channel (for comparison, an artist like deadmau5 or Aviators would have at least an EP and an Album released in that timeframe). He's a bit more active on Tumblr account, where he's known as "Twiginote 's big idiot" and talks about his life in Great Britain and other such things, but like his aforementioned YouTube account, it suffers from Schedule Slip as well.

And before you ask, yes, his OC (also named Wooden Toaster), is female.

In the fandom he is revered as one of the four members of TwentyTen, alongside The Living Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, and IBringDaLulz, with occasional Fifth Ranger IBeABronyRapper, and, as mentioned before, was one of the big names of the fandom's Golden Age.

Tropes pertaining to WoodenToaster include: