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Music: Misery Index
Misery Index is an American death metal band. Characterized by their heavy grindcore and New York hardcore influences and scathingly vicious and caustic political lyrics, they've come a long way from being "that band Netherton, Voyles, and Talley started after leaving Fetus" and have become a major player in modern death metal in their own right.

Formed in 2001 by ex-Dying Fetus members Jason Netherton (vocals, bass), John "Sparky" Voyles (guitar), and Kevin Talley (drums), along with newcomer Mike Harrison (guitars, vocals), the band wasted no time in releasing the Overthrow EP along with several splits, though Harrison and Talley left the following year and were replaced by Bruce Greig and Matt Byers, respectively, though Greig swiftly left sometime before the release of Retaliate in 2003, which he had no part in. Byers left the following year and was briefly replaced by Talley before he left yet again, with a then-unknown young hotshot by the name of Adam Jarvis taking his place. Mark Kloeppel then joined in on guitars and vocals in 2005, creating the classic lineup and the one that would release the next three full-lengths and innumerable splits and compilations. All went smoothly until around 2010, when Voyles left shortly after the release of Heirs to Thievery due to his rising dissatisfaction with the touring life; after a brief length of time as a three-piece, they welcomed in Darin Morris as his replacement. A split followed in 2011, along with various tours, though Netherton was MIA for a while thanks to his being busy getting his PhD; rather than draft a fill-in, Kloeppel just assumed bass duties and all vocal duties. A new album, The Killing Gods, is scheduled to drop on May 23, 2014.


  • Overthrow (2001) - EP
  • Created to Kill (2002) - split with Aborted, Brodequin, and Drowning
  • Misery Index / Commit Suicide (2003) - split
  • Structure of Lies / Misery Index (2003) - split
  • Retaliate (2003)
  • DVD Vol. 1 (2004)
  • Dissent (2004) - EP
  • Misery Index / Bathtub Shitter (2006) - split
  • Discordia (2006)
  • Hang Em High (2007) - EP
  • Ruling Class Cancelled (2008) - split with Mumakil
  • Dead Sam Walking (2008) - compilation of vinyl-only tracks
  • Traitors (2008)
  • Pulling Out the Nails (2010) - compilation of all splits and EPs
  • Heirs to Thievery (2010)
  • Siberian / Thus the Beast Decapitated (2011) - split with Lock Up
  • Live in Munich (2013)
  • The Killing Gods (2014)

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