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Music: Lauryn Hill
Lauryn Hill (1975-) is an American recording artist, musician, and actress. One of the the defining artists of the neo-soul genre, she rose to fame in after several bit roles on As the World Turns and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, through her membership in The Fugees. After two albums, the group disbanded and Lauryn launched a solo career with her critically and commercially solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The recording earned Hill five Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year and Best New Artist.

Unfortunately, success came with a price as Lauryn ultimately withdrew from the public sphere, opting instead to become a full-time live musician (both solo and the occassional live performance with the Fugees), with her sole follow-up to her solo debut album being a double-album of accoustic songs released under the MTV Unplugged brand.


  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: In Doo Woop (That Thing) she rallies against this trope, telling young women not to go with men they know will treat them badly as "respect is just a minimum". Interestingly, it also warns guys not to go with women that are only about "that thing".
  • Breakup Breakout:
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: The urban legend regarding her saying that "she would rather starve than have white people buy her records", which was started by a prank call to Howard Stern's radio show. Gained wider fame due to Eminem repeating it in a joking fashion in one of his songs.
  • Celebrity Is Overrated: She walked away from the immense fame she had after her debut album, in part because of displeasure with the music industry and her feelings that she could not be herself.
  • Creator Backlash: Her solo album and her work on the Fugees have both been subjected to this.
  • Creator Breakdown: Her entire career following the release of her solo album. Hill basically retreated from the mainstream, refused to release further studio albums, and basically living the life of a reclusive with only the occassional live performance, where she performed brand new material.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Her video for "Doo Wop {That Thing)" hid the fact that she was pregnant at the time.
  • One Woman Song: Not by Hill herself, but Talib Kweli released a song about her called "Ms. Hill".
  • Reclusive Artist: Very much so. After the success of her solo album, she couldn't handle the pressure of being in the public eye and in 2000, stepped away from public view. Pretty much the only thing most people know about her life now is that she has a lot of kids.
  • Showmance: She and Wyclef Jean briefly dated when they were in the Fugees.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: The Fugees consisted of her, Wyclef Jean, and Pras Michael.
  • Urban Legend: It was widely rumored for a while that Wyclef Jean actually wrote all of the material on her solo album, when it was first released. In truth it was split between Hill and a group of producers called "New Ark", the later of whom had to sue Hill over not being credited for their work on the album.
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