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KIRBY KRACKLE is a nerd rock duo comprised of two life-long pop-culture junkies, Jim Demonakos and Kyle Stevens, who create songs dedicated to the nerdiest aspects that self-same culture and have performed their unique style of pop rock around the world.

The band has released a number of albums: their self-titled debut in 2009, their sophomore album E For Everyone in 2010 and their third album, Super Powered Love, in 2011, plus a Live E.P. recorded in Australia appropriately titled Acoustic in Australia, was also released in 2011. (This was quoted from their website where you can listen to their music, buy their albums and other merchandise.)

Their YouTube channel also includes animated and live-action music videos for some of their songs.

Their name is a reference to an alternate name for Kirby Dots.

Tropes and Shout Outs in their songs include: