Music: Kerbera

Not to be confused with the Croatian rock band Kerber, Kerbera is the new band by ex-Seremedy vocalist SEIKE. Whereas Seremedy was Melodic Death Metal with a look that bordered on Oshare or Lolita Kei fused with White Kote Kei, Kerbera appears to be trying more for Black Kote Kei as an appearance, while maintaining a hard rock/heavy metal sound and aesthetic, with visuals that seem a bit reminiscent of bands such as Diaura, Born, and The Gazette.


  • Seike Clowniac (ex-SEREMEDY): Vocals
  • Frederick Hale: Bass
  • Zave Demonte: Lead guitar
  • Eric Foxx: Drums



  • Inglorious (2013)
  • Counterpoints (2014)

Kerbera provides examples of:

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