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Music: Jan And Dean
Influential singing duo starting in the late 1950s but mainly in the The Sixties. Almost as important to the surf-pop scene as The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean made countless songs, some of which are misattributed to the Beach Boys. They were not rivals; in fact, Brian did backup and co-wrote "Surf City".

Their full names were William Jan Berry and Dean Ormsby Torrence. They started with the moderately successful "Jennie Lee" in 1958, their first hit with "Baby Talk" in 1959, and kept singing while going through college at UCLA (unlike the Beach Boys) until Jan was badly injured wrecking his Corvette in 1966, suffering brain damage but retaining his genius-level intelligence, but had a comeback in the early 1970s. Berry died in 2004, but Torrence continues to tour and give interviews. Note: Discography covers only the pre-accident years.
  • Jan & Dean (1960)
  • Jan & Dean's Golden Hits (1962)
  • Jan & Dean Take Linda Surfin' (1963)
  • Surf City and Other Swingin' Cities (1963)
  • Drag City (1963)
  • Dead Man's Curve (1964)
  • Ride the Wild Surf (1964)
  • Command Performance (1965)
  • Pop Symphony (1965)
  • Golden Hits (1965)
  • Folk & Roll (1965)
  • Jan & Dean Meet Batman (1966)

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