Trivia / Jan and Dean

  • The Pete Best: Jan and Dean first began as Jan and Arnie. After two hits and a flop, Arnie Ginsburg tired of show business and left the duo to study architecture. Fortunately, Dean Torrence just so happened to leave the U.S. Army Reserve around that time. Fun Fact 
  • Vaporware: Carnival of Sound.
    • In the fall of 1963, they shot a pilot for a television series called Surf Scene, which didn't sell due to bad publicity from the Frank Sinatra, Jr. kidnapping (see below). Another unsold pilot, On the Run, was filmed in 1966.
    • In 1965 they began work on a musical/comedy feature film they were to star in for Paramount called Easy Come, Easy Go. During location shooting Jan Berry and the film's director were severely injured in a train crash, leading to the project being abandoned.
  • What Could Have Been: Jan and Dean were set to appear in Ride the Wild Surf, a beach movie for which they contributed the title tune, but after Dean Torrence's friend Barry Keenan was involved in the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr., they were replaced by Tab Hunter and Peter Brown. Their theme still appeared in the film, and the cover of the album on which the song appeared was designed to make it look like it was a soundtrack album.