Music / Ihsahn

Ihsahn (real name Vegard Sverre Tveitan) is a Norwegian musician. He is best known as the leader, main songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, bassist and keyboardist of the Black Metal band Emperor. He has also done other musical projects (some close to black metal, some much less so; projects he has been involved in include Peccatum, Thou Shalt Suffer, Zyklon-B, Hardingrock, and Embryonic), including a number of solo albums simply under the name "Ihsahn". He is also a columnist in Guitar World Magazine.

Solo discography
  • The Adversary (2006)
  • angL (2008)
  • After (2010)
  • Eremita (2012)
  • Das Seelenbrechen (2013)
  • Arktis. (2016)

Tropes exhibited by or common in Ihsahn's work include:

  • Black Metal: Though much more so in his work with Emperor than in his post-Emperor work. Nonetheless, there is still some black metal influence on much of Ihsahn's solo work.
  • Epic Rocking: The longer songs span around 8 to 10 minutes. His longest solo songs are "The Pain Is Still Mine" (10:20), "Undercurrent" (10:00), and "On the Shores" (10:13).
  • Lighter and Softer: Than his work with Emperor, arguably.
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Hard 9.
  • Progressive Metal: His primary style as a solo artist, and a major influence on the last Emperor album.
  • Special Guest: Devin Townsend has made a guest appearance on Eremita, returning the favour for Ihsahn's guest appearance on Deconstruction's song "Juular".
    • Mikael Akerfeldt makes an appearance on angL on the song "Unhealer".
    • Jørgen Munkeby of Norwegian Progressive Metal band Shining makes appearances on several tracks playing the saxophone.
  • Uncommon Time: He's a progressive metal artist; what else did you expect? "Called by the Fire" has some examples in its instrumental breaks; large portions of the song are in 7/8. Other examples get more complicated.