Music / Icehouse

Icehouse (1977-present), formerly known as Flowers (1977-1981), is an Australian Rock/New Wave band from Sydney, Australia.

Icehouse provide examples of:

  • Break-Up Song: "Don't Believe Anymore"
  • Careful with That Axe: "Sunrise"
  • I Am the Band: Iva Davies.
  • Ice Palace: The location described in "Icehouse" might not be a palace (its size is never discussed, though it does have rivers), but it is definitely made of ice. Its older residents blame the devil:
    The devil lives inside the icehouse
    At least that's what the old ones say
    They say:
    (murmur) He came a long time ago
    He came here in the winter snows
    Now it's colder every day
    • According to Iva Davies, the titular icehouse refers to a halfway house for drug rehab patients opposite where he lived during the band's early days.
  • Land Down Under: "Great Southern Land"
  • New Wave Music
  • Obsession Song: Well, "My Obsession".
  • Protest Song: "The Flame" is about a deadly rebellion in a factory with abysmal living conditions, set to a slow, tear jerking ballad.