Music: Beach House

Beach House are a dream/ indie pop duo from Baltimore, Maryland. They were formed in 2004 and consist of guitarist Alex Scally and vocalist and organist Victoria Legrand. They are known for their lush music and signature sound. Unlike most dream pop bands, they aim for a certain "theme" with their music (the duo's name should give it away). Another notable part of their sound is Legrand's vocals, which may cause some Viewer Gender Confusion, especially since there's many indie bands with similar vocals with a male singer. They're also known for taking simple melodies and making them sound intense.

Their self titled album released in 2006 is usually swept under the table and forgotten about, due to its lack of real intense sound. Fans usually acknowledge its existence but try to ignore it, seeing as their work just got better. In 2008 they released Devotion where they started to pick up their signature style and critical acclaim. Then, in 2010, Teen Dream was released and was again critically acclaimed.

In 2012 they released an album titled Bloom. While it isn't a cult classic like Teen Dream, it was by far their strongest-selling album, rising up to No. 4 on the Billboard Albums chart. Year end reviews were positive, with many listing Bloom in the top 20.

Also, it should be noted that this band shouldn't be judged on first glance. Their music is notoriously hard to get used to, but once that's accomplished it's highly worth it.

Beach House includes the following tropes: