Manga / Nanako SOS

Nanako SOS is a manga series created by Hideo Azuma, later adapted into an anime of 39 episodes which aired on the Fuji Television network in 1983.

Itís an odd mix of an unconventional Magical Girl comedy series and a parody of the Superhero genres. Nanako is a young girl, she has superpowers, but has also lost her memory. She's found by a greedy and opportunistic Teen Genius student named Yotsuya who promises to help her get her memory if she will join his detective agency. In reality, he only wants to use her powers for his own personal gain and for his agency, although the naïve Nanako is unaware of it. Meanwhile, Yotsuya's short, nerdy best friend Iidabashi falls in love with Nanako. Throughout the story, Nanako will face several bizarre villains who are also interested in her for various reasons.

Enoki Films held the North American distribution rights of TV series, under the name Nana the Supergirl, though the series was never aired in North America. The TV series has also aired in Italy, France, Germany and Russia.

The series provides examples of: