Manga / Ane Doki

Ane Doki is a three-volume manga written by Mizuki Kawashita, the author of Strawberry 100% and Hatsukoi Limited.

Thirteen-year-old Kouta is just an ordinary middle school student living an average life; lusting after the school idol, playing video games during his free time, and having a workaholic father. One day, his father announces that they'll transfer to Sapporo, leaving him alone while his father takes care of the papers for their move. On that day, he meets a young woman, a high school student, volunteering to take care of him.

The girl, Natsuki, then proceeds to live with Kouta, taking care of him while making things awkward with her eccentricities... So begins Kouta's new life with a girl four years older than he is.

Ane Doki provides examples of: