Wheelchair Antics

Just because one is a wheelchair user doesn't mean it's a total bummer. There are still impressive stunts to be done on it, and it even compels non-disabled people to try it out.

Sister Trope to Swivel-Chair Antics. See also Super Wheelchair.


Anime and Manga
  • When Great Teacher Onizuka broke his foot, he passed the time by engaging other wheelchair-bound patients in high-speed races.

Fan Fic
  • The Infinity League: After Miranda ended up in a wheelchair, she got into one of these, though not because she wanted to, but because the DOCTOR, Aria, wanted to. Aria's little sister, Holly, was not amused, mainly because she was getting chased by her older sister while Aria was wheeling Miranda.
  • Betray Me Not: Despite having just one arm, Brandon is pretty good at using a wheelchair (said wheelchair is specifically designed for one-hand control). He can quickly alternate between spinning the wheel and steering the lever.

  • Played with, somehow, in the Floor Show part of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Dr. Scott is de-Medusa'd to find that he can move his legs, but whilst wearing fishnet stockings. He then joins the ongoing chorus line, but instead of getting out of the wheelchair, he just flails his legs around helplessly.
  • In Silent Movie, Mel and his boys are pursuing Paul Newman through a hospital Newman's in. All chairs are motorized, but only Newman actually needs his.
  • Norm can briefly be seen messing around with Jake's wheelchair in Avatar, balancing on the back two wheels in the link room.
  • In the third Flodder movie, Toet and Henkie put an engine on Grandpa’s wheelchair so he can leave the house without help. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a little too powerful.

  • Children of the Red King: Ezekiel Bloor engages in this at least once. In Hidden King, he attaches sparklers to the back of his wheelchair and rides around through a crowd like that.

Live-Action TV
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "End Of Days". While looting an Abandoned Hospital for medical supplies in preparation for the Final Battle, Anya and Andrew have a wheelchair fight..
  • Doctors compete to see who can stay balanced on the back two wheels of a wheelchair in Scrubs.
    • Turk also once bowled a patient in a wheelchair.
  • Glee: The episode "Wheels" has the entire Glee club spending part of their day in wheelchairs to help them relate to Artie, a wheelchair-bound member of the club, topping it off with a musical performance of Proud Mary while in the chairs. Complete with wheel-chair choreography.
  • Saved by the Bell had an episode with a disabled woman in a wheel chair. At the end of the episode they had a charity wheelchair basketball game.
  • On M*A*S*H, during the Olympics episode, Hawkeye and BJ are team captains. They make a bet that the loser has to push the winner around in a wheelchair for a month.
  • From one episode of Father Ted: "Honestly, what kind of situation would require the use of a pair of fake arms and a remote-controlled wheelchair? Only, I imagine, a completely ludicrous one!"
  • Cleo from MythQuest uses a wheelchair because of an accident when she was young. She is shown to have some basic tricks up her sleeve, like spins and a short wheelie. When she's depressed about not being able to go on a ski trip, her brother shows her a video of an adaptive skier he met.




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