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Overcome Their Differences
Besides the Conflict between the protagonist and antagonist/situation, the most common form of conflict is between allies. It would not only take away the suspense, but also the depth, to have everyone on one side working as one, with no problems. Thus the heroes and the villains have conflict with each other, and the side that usually wins is the first to Overcome Their Differences.

This isn't always easy to pull off. Done wrong it looks like the writers are just handing out Conflict Balls. Or it's so Anvilicious the drama is undermined.

The difference can be between allies, between friends, between leaders and subordinates, between lovers or between those who are falling in love.

But it's still essential in many stories. It looks all the more triumphant for the winning side to get past such a major obstacle. This is especially true when the differences are the antagonist of the story instead of a person, such as in many romantic comedies, and every Buddy Cop Show and movie.


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