Office Sports

Lenny: Oww! Unnecessary roughness!
Carl: So what? That's legal in Rollo Pollo.
Homer: I thought we were playing Cincinnati Time Waste.
Lenny: Oh, in that case...(hits Homer in the groin with his broom)
The Simpsons, "Ice Cream of Marge (with the Light Blue Hair)"

This trope goes to sports you can do in the office with some imagination. Most people would get fired for these, but on TV, bosses tend to be more lenient.

Super Trope to Swivel-Chair Antics, Wastebasket Ball, and Office Golf.


Live-Action TV
  • Our Miss Brooks: In "Trial By Jury", Mr. Conklin practices his casting in his office.
  • In Better Off Ted episode "Lust In Translation", Linda and Veronica played a game called Lindabagel.
  • In Rules of Engagement, Jeff and Adam invent a sport called Mannequin Head Ball when they have to clean out an old clothing store Audrey wants to use to start a business.
  • The Office had an Olympics in their office.
  • Franklin & Bash played curling with people sitting in office chairs.
  • Naturally, Sadie: While cleaning the corridor during detention in "Life Cycle", Hal and Rain start playing chair hockey using rolling chairs, brooms and an aluminimum can.

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation
  • In one episode of The Simpsons, Homer, Lenny & Carl are playing chair hockey at work. Mr. Burns comes in to yell at them, but it turns out he's the coach and he's yelling at their poor teamwork.
  • Teen Titans has Stankball using a ball made from unwashed socks.
  • The Jetsons had Mr.Spacely doing golf practice once or twice. And George playing some sort of virtual chess or something simlar with Rudy a few times.
  • Mitchell and Webb imagine such activities elevated to an actual Office Olympics, international and televised like the real Olympics.

Real Life