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Kewpie Doll Surprise

Female anime characters, when surprised, shocked, or threatened, will frequently throw their arms up in the air at a forty-five degree angle, just like a Kewpie doll. Moe characters are more likely to do this than others.

The trope can take one of two forms: either the character doing it will freeze into a tableau, or she'll flap her arms up into the kewpie doll pose and down again. Mere surprise more commonly elicits the first reaction; terrified or frantic characters are more likely to perform the second. The trope is largely confined to comedy series.

See Also: Human Hummingbird


  • Ranma (In the first season, Kasumi does the first type upon first seeing Akane's shorter haircut (flinging a frying pan into the air in the process, forcing Ramna to rescue it and its contents), and girl-type Ranma does the second when facing her mortal fear of cats. The trope recurs throughout the series' entire run.)
  • Maze Megaburst Space

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