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Shuichi knows how to lighten up the mood.

"I get tired just watching him."
Suezo, on Genki from Monster Rancher

Best described as the human equivalent of a parakeet: small, cute, colorful, hyperactive and regularly loud. A hyperactive kid who is also somewhat In Touch with His Feminine Side. The Keet is often a male surrogate for female audiences.

Pops up here and there, especially in shojo and shows with Boys Love Genre overtones; if he is the star, he is usually paired off in some form with his polar opposite. This character is born out of an enduring and surprisingly strict design plan for characters in Boys Love Genre manga commonly called the uke. A more manly version is the Boisterous Bruiser, who is often a seme in Boys Love Genre.

Often subject to a crossdressing escapade.

Keets are often also Genki Guys, as the cute and slightly feminine charm of a keet and the exuberant nature of a genki can go hand in hand quite well, however it's not strictly necessary for a character to be both.


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