Keet: Web Original

  • AJCO: C_N (more commonly known as Cain) of the Deserters is excitable, friendly and Adorkable. He's rather out of place when compared to the more cynical S_K and the more, well, sensible Lartin.
  • Amazing Phil or Phil Lester on YouTube. He may be 25, but he acts like a hyperactive child. Of course, we wouldn't want him any other way.
  • Awesome Series: Egoraptor.
  • Hank Green of Brotherhood 2.0. This is a particularly good example.
  • Zack from Echo Chamber is enthusiastic, chipper, and loud.
  • Fred. Oh so very much.
  • Timmy from Gaia Online. Yeep!
  • 1-Up in the 20X6 universe of Homestar Runner. This also applies a little bit to present-day counterpart Homestar Runner himself, although he is more of a Cloud Cuckoolander and most any behavior he exhibits that falls under this trope is as a result of it.
  • Global Guardians PBEM Universe: Fidget, one of Hyperion Academy's Kid Hero speedsters is hyperactive, loud, constantly cheerful, and utterly irritating.
  • Jeepers Media: Mike Mozart, toy-tester.
  • KateModern's Lee is yet another Western example, particularly in season 2.
  • Arella in MS Fhigh Forum has been T Ged. Her personality has not changed.
  • Bubble Berry in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Colt Versions. Of course, he's a genderswap of Pinkie Pie...
  • Oxhorn Short Shorts: The Mighty Morphin' Midget Gnomes.
  • Keiji Tanaka of Survival of the Fittest, whilst not exactly small, fits the rest of the criteria for Keetness to an absolute "T".
    • Chris Davidson and Albert Lions of v4 are this as well.
  • Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse has Ken, who even goes as far as having a disorder that causes him to squeal and FAINT at the sight of overtly cute things.
  • That Guy with the Glasses and Blistered Thumbs have their fair share of keets.
    • As convention-goers can attest to, Doug Walker is a smiley, bouncy, hyper flirt who likes his glomps. His character also descends into grins a mile wide, running around excited and super-sonic squee when he's enjoying himself.
    • Any and all of the Bums.
    • Our favorite "sexy French space lumberjack", Benzaie. His catchphrase is yelping "BUT WAIT!", he's known to get into compromising positions with Spoony and had a sweet, violent, and hilarious rivalry with That Dude in the Suede, and he's prone to randomly cross-dressing. He's also really, really pretty. Benzaie seems to be the French example of this trope. And we love him for it.
    • Film Brain, in Kickassia, Suburban Knights and real life. In his own words he "laughs like a girl" in his outtake videos.
      • Especially his crossover with Sad Panda, Masoko X, Welshy and Mike J. He starts laughing hysterically and can't stop for over five minutes. In the end they have him cover his eyes and pretend he's crying so they can keep filming.
    • Lewis Lovhaug is apparently this in Real Life, according to Spoony, who said that during the filming for Kickassia he still had energy for shooting videos after a day in the desert outside Reno, while Spoony himself was wiped out.
    • Every Angry Joe Show is a continous 20 minutes adrenaline rush. His personal favorite games are dancing games.
    • While a bit older than most examples, JewWario is pretty excitable and definitely isn't above doing fanservice either.
  • yourchonny's Chonny employs this trope, along with Manchild