Host Club
aka: Hostess Club

Want a relaxing night away from the office, your college, or your stupid boyfriend? If you're female, 18+, and you live in Japan, maybe you could go to a Host Club.

Like hostess clubs, most host clubs do not offer actual sex; only flirting, flattery, pampering and companionship in a congenial environment (and at an exorbitant rate). Unlike hostess clubs, the main market for host clubs is not White Collar Workers, but, instead, women who work in hostess clubs and other parts of the entertainment industry, looking to relax after a long hard night of being nice to inebriated, sexually-harassing Salarymen (since host clubs are mostly owned by the same people who own hostess clubs, this has the net effect of recouping some of the hostess' income, and thus hostesses are encouraged to partake of this form of entertainment).

Standard host clubs discourage male customers; there are separate "host bars" aimed at gay men.

For the younger set, Butler Cafes have a similar premise, only with afternoon tea rather than late-night booze.

Spear Counterpart to the Hostess Club.


  • Ouran High School Host Club - A PG version.
  • The Great Happiness Space - A documentary about host clubs.
  • Welcome to the N.H.K. - In the manga Yamazaki ends up working at one.
  • Seoul After Dark (aka Beastie Boys) - A movie about the host/hostess club lifestyle in Korea.
  • In the manga series B.O.D.Y, the boy the protagonist has a crush on works at one because he enjoys being paid to flirt.
  • In the third Where The Hell Is Matt video, Matt dances with the waitresses at a Meido-themed hostess club when he goes to Tokyo.
  • Keith Goodman from Tiger & Bunny regularly visits one, because he thinks it's a normal cafe.
  • Several of the supporting characters from Gintama work at host/hostess clubs. A few of the mini-arcs take place in the host clubs as well.
  • Ryuuji's mother in Toradora! works at a hostess club.
  • Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light have these as a character class. They give party members the "Psych Up" that increases their strength and allows for combo attacks.
  • Sweet Guilty Love Bites has at least one partner of three pairs working in same one.
  • Kagari from Sekirei works as a Host, and is mentioned to hold the #1 ranking. Certain issues result in him taking long periods of time off from his job, with the excuse of a "serious illness". He's shown going on a compensated date and taking calls from his many female clients.
  • Ryusei Mitarashi in Sweet Fuse At Your Side introduces himself as the number one host at the Ulysses host club in the Ginza district. It's a source of constant humor on his route, particularly since he initially just comes across as a dumb meathead.
  • In Bokurano, Miko Nakarai is an ex-prostitute who works now in a hostess club. Her daughter Mako alias Nakama is bullied because of this.
  • in Super Lovers, Haru used to work as a host, and Natsuo still does.
  • With no relation to Super Lovers, the lyrics and music video for W-inds.'s "Super Lover ~I need you tonight~" hints that it takes place at a host club.
  • Masamune Matsuoka of Aoharu X Machinegun works at one.

Alternative Title(s): Hostess Club