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Canadian Western
A Fistful of Loonies

The Canadian Western is The Western IN CANADA!, with a few characteristic differences. There tends to be more snow in Canada than in the western United States.

Furthermore, then there's the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, always dressed in the famous Red Serge uniform, who always get their man (or so they're supposed to do), if it doesn't have Mounties, it's not a Canadian Western. In a way, the Mountie represents a transition phase in the idea of the frontier lawman: he's often isolated out in the field, but he is part of a larger formal organization with the central headquarters located all the way back in Canada's urban national capital in Ottawa, Ontario and will occasionally make the trip there on administrative business and vice versa.


Comic Books
  • King of the Royal Mounted.
  • Lucky Luke has "Les Daltons dans le blizzard", where they flee to Canada. Contains this immortal line by Joe on seeing a Mountie: "Hooray, a policeman!".

Film (Animated)

Film (Live-Action)
  • The post-apocalyptic Western, Six Reasons Why takes place in a future Canada's desert landscape.
  • The Gary Cooper movie North West Mounted Police.
  • The Grey Fox.
  • Gunless (2010), a Deconstructive Parody in which a fugitive American Gunslinger (Paul Gross, Due South's Constable Fraser) arrives in a Canadian town and is bewildered to find that nobody owns a firearm. (Handguns being mostly illegal in western Canada at the time)
  • The Mountie (2011), a lone officer imposes law and order on a Yukon outpost ruled by Latvian gangsters. It Makes Sense in Context.

Live-Action TV
  • The Canadian TV series Bordertown is set in a town that straddles the US/Canadian border somewhere in the west. The border goes through the middle of the law enforcement office, with a corporal in the Northwest Mounted Police having his desk on the north side, and a U.S. Marshal having his on the south side.

  • Sergeant Preston of the Yukon and his sled dog/ally Yukon King.

  • The musical Rose-Marie. There are three film versions, all including considerable changes.

Western Animation

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