Literature / The Red Necklace

"There is nothing to fear except the power you give to your own demons."

A young adult historical romance and thriller novel by Sally Garden set during the French Revolution, primarily between 1789-1792. In the midst of the turmoil, an orphan gypsy boy named Yann Margoza uses his special telepathic gift to help his troupe make a living performing magic shows. After stealing a red necklace at the house of a wealthy Marquis, not knowing its true significance but determined to find out, he has a brief encounter with young Lonely Rich Kid Sido de Villeduval, who is cruelly unloved by her selfish, vain father, the Marquis. The two cannot forget each other over the years after Yann is sent to England for an education. The Marquis eventually promises his daughter to the man he is in debt to, Count Kalliovski, whose true plans may be more than Yann, Sido, or their friends could've imagined.

Contains examples of: