Literature / The Moreau Factor

"When the matter of the flying werewolf first surfaced in Washington, D.C., I never once thought of the dinosaurs."

When Jack Valone, a hard-drinking, down-on-his-luck science journalist well past his Pulitzer Prize days, gets a phone call from a geneticist promising the "scoop of the century", he's curious but more than a little skeptical. But when he goes to do the interview, he arrives in the middle of perhaps the weirdest crime scene investigation of all time. His subject is missing, the room is covered in his blood, and the perpetrator appears to be... a flying werewolf? Soon Valone is pursuing a shadowy group of geneticists working far, far beyond the bleeding edge of genetics and technology. It's the story of a lifetime... IF he can survive long enough to publish.

A re-envisioning of the underlying concepts —if not the actual plot—of H. G. Wells' The Island of Doctor Moreau in the light of the dawning age of genetic engineering, The Moreau Factor is the last non-serial novel of noted 20th-century speculative fiction writer Jack Chalker. The book represents something of return to form for Chalker, with a tighter plot and harder science than some of his lengthier efforts. Well worth the read, if you can find a copy.
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