Literature / The Mockery Bird

The Mockery Bird is a novel by Gerald Durrell, published in 1981. Unlike most of his books, which are autobiographical non-fiction, this book is completely fiction.

The book's protagonist, Peter Foxglove is sent to the island of Zenkali, a small British colony, as an assistant to the native King's (or, as he prefers to call himself, Kingy's) advisor. After meeting the many eccentric inhabitants of the island, he discovers that a thought-to-be-extinct bird, the Mockery Bird, worshipped as a deity by the island's natives, is not so extinct after all. But the valley where the bird lives is about to be flooded to build a dam to provide energy for Zenkali's airport, and Peter and his friends need to stop this plan to save the bird.
This book provides examples of: