Just For Fun / You Know That Guy

Hey, it's that guy! You know, that guy! He was in that movie! The one with Kevin Bacon in it. You know. He was in a car chase, and then the girl fell in love with him. He wore that shirt! Come on, you know.
Just about everybody at one point or another

When you see a television show or commercial and shout "Hey Its That Guy"...but, you don't know what his or her name is, post it here, with descriptions of places where you've seen the actor or actress. The contributors will do the rest!

  • A comedy duo from the early days of Talkies. Visually they remind me a little bit of Jeeves and Wooster. I think the "Jeeves" does have a British accent. The "Wooster" (who is the leader of the two, and isn't British) has glasses drawn on his face, kind of - but not really—like how Groucho Marx put on a greasepaint moustache. I saw one short of theirs: the "Wooster" plays a big double bass on the street as a Street Musician and sings along with himself, but he's only bow-synching to a record called "Zoom zoom zoom" or something like that, which he has hidden in the back of the bass. Then he gets hired by an orchestra which is in need of a bassist; but he doesn't know any of their pieces, so he plays "zoom zoom zoom" when the rest of the orchestra plays some piece of classical music.
    Conductor: In zees orchestra, we play Mozart!
    WhatsHisName: Well, I play "Zoom zoom zoom!"
  • As a well-seasoned movie fan, this troper often sees the same guy over and over: As the hammer-toting Saavedro in Myst III: Exile, as Grí­ma Wormtongue in the movie adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, as the eerie gas station attendant in Urban Legend, and various other roles besides. However, she actually does know who the guy is...
  • You know that guy who's on all the commercials in the U.S.? This contributor has named him "Thick-Headed Guy", because of the A&W commercial he was in where he shows his wife video from his bachelor party. Other spots include one where he dresses in a French maid outfit in a Budweiser commercial, and a La-Z-Boy commercial where he comes in all jittery and ends up calm enough to have a fly land on his nose.
    • More info: Lately he's turned up in the Allstate tailgating series of commercials that air on ESPN during college football season. He's the bearded one.
  • There's this guy who turns up a lot in police procedurals. He's blonde, he looks kinda smarmy. The only two appearances that stand out in the memory:
    • In one episode of CSI: Miami the coroner is showing a group of alcoholics what happens to people who drink and drive in the morgue. One of them wants a job, looking for a shot at redemption. One of the other lab techs is skeptical that he'll reform. A hip flask goes missing and everyone is sure that it's the kid in rehab, but it turns out to be the lab tech. Episode ends with a drunk driver ending up in the morgue, and it's revealed to be the lab tech. The lab tech is the guy i'm talking about.
    • He was also in an episode of Justice. Something to with brothers, or best friends at least. He was the one who wasn't on trial.
  • There's that guy in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Window of Opportunity"... y'know, the "Groundhog Day" Loop one. Anywho, the guy is the other archaeologist, the one who started the time loop so that he could find a way to travel back in time to see his dead wife. He kind of looks like a mixture of Ben from Lost mixed with Hitler.
  • There's this dude who is in both Skinny Puppy's "Dig It" music video and Godflesh's "Mothra" video.
  • There are few actors/actresses that I need help with. I know that the first one plays the role of Stitch in Liloand Stitch. The second one played the role of Squidward in SpongeBob SquarePants. Finally the final one played one of the main characters in American Dragon: Jake Long and in W.I.T.C.H., plus I think that she may have appeared on Lilo & Stitch.
  • So, who's that pig-lookin' guy that shows up as a security guard and stuff like that? He's also the guy who was in that cheese commercial, where the weimariner (dog) was making him balance cheese on his nose. He's always in the background somewhere.
  • This troper was completely stumped trying to discover the identity of a very good, but unfortunately only half-remembered, French film and the rather gorgeous actress who was in it. Neither appeared to be very well known at all, and even IMDB drew a blank. Then quite by chance he stumbled upon a Brazilian director's CV and got the answer to both questions. So if you happen to see a movie in Portuguese with someone who looks like Jill Hennessey's better looking sister in it, this is who it is. And if you can't tell the difference between Portuguese and French you're in good company.
  • As a kid, I kept hearing the same voice actor everywhere, which is a difficult kind of actor to describe to people ("that twerpy stupid sounding guy; he's in almost every cartoon ever made"). I eventually determined who he was.
  • The guy who was the doomed mentor in The Mummy and Daniel's father-in-law in Stargate SG-1. He's been an extra in everything. Look at that IMDB page.
  • During the World Cup Soccer matches on ESPN, my wife swears that commentator Alexi Lalas looks like a sitcom actor from the '70s and '80s, but she doesn't remember his name or what show he was on. She thinks it might have been Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman or a similar cult sitcom.
    • I think she's probably thinking of Sal Vicuso, who played Father Ted on the other cult sitcom, Soap. If that's not him, Greg Mullavey is a possibility. The face is similar, but his hair was darker and straight back then. He played Mary's Husband Tom, on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
  • Could switching to Geico save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? Did my 14-year-old son rape three of his classmates in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit?
  • British tropers have undoubtedly seen Cordelia Bugeja's face a lot. She's mostly known for doing adverts - lots of adverts. She was known in our household as "new black pantyliner woman", after one particularly bizarre one, is apparently better known on the net simply as "Advert Girl", and looks like this.
  • Could you tell me who the big man in this commercial is? Cause he reminds me of Hagrid
  • Fans of early-eighties music videos will know of this mysterious guy: He was a middle-aged man with a full white/gray beard (and usually wearing glasses) who turned up in a number of clips from mostly UK bands...
    • Dining on pasta in ABC's "The Look Of Love"
    • A surly father in Squeeze's "Black Coffee In Bed"
    • A pith-helmeted explorer in Haircut 100's "Love Plus One"
  • In David Lynch's Dune, whose that familiar looking Sardaukar General that appears in Shaddam's court and also helps man the guns during the final battle scene? Although he has no lines, you get to see even more of him in the Alan Smithee version. That's the guy who used to always watch monster movies with Fred Sanford.
  • If you feel that Netflix's Jessica Jones looks incredibly familiar, it may be because you watched the seventh season of Gilmore Girls but managed to forget about Lucy.
  • You have seen her everywhere, everywhere, EVERYWHERE on the internet, promoting everything. Her name? No one knows it, but she's likely the most popular model in the world. She's the Overexposed Model.