Ho Yay / Angel Beats!


  • Hinata and Otonashi. About once in every two episodes Hinata will say something (such as "I quite like you" or "I need you!") that makes him sound like he has a crush on Otonashi. Cue Otonashi asking "Are you..." with a troubled look and an Aside Glance, and Hinata hurriedly cutting him off. "It's not like that!". It's pretty much a Running Gag.
    • And on Otonashi's side, running to Hinata when Hinata was about to disappear from their lives desperately thinking, "HINATA! I...I don't want you to leave!!" (or something along those lines) was pretty dripping with Ho Yay.
    • Lampshaded by Hinata in Episode 6. Could also count as an Ironic Echo.
    • It's taken even further in a few of the drama CDs, with Yuri in one of their acting sprees demanding that they reenact the scene in the second episode—-where, when in peril, Otonashi has to figure out the finesse of how not to accidentally grope Yuri while climbing above her and Hinata—from a HinaOto perspective on both sides (because of the pairing's immense popularity at the time on Pixiv).
  • As of Episode 6, Otonashi and Naoi.
    Naoi: So then... You'll acknowledge... My existence?
    Otonashi: Who else is there? You're the one I'm embracing. There's no one but you. There's only you.
    • The embracing mentioned above is featured in the picture.
    • Episode 11 has Hinata and Naoi trying to out Ho Yay each other to help Otonashi.
    • When Irie and Sekine announced the results for the 1st beat character popularity poll on Twitter, Sekine reveals Naoi placed all 2,841 votes for Otonashi, allowing the latter to make it to the top 10 in 8th place. Keep in mind this particular poll had fans also vote for a costume they would like to see their favorite character in. The options listed ranged from the SSS uniform to a swimsuit to opting to request to see them naked. Take that in for a second.
  • Towards the end there's some Les Yay between Yuri and Kanade.
    • Episode 12. The part leading up to the reveal about the source of love can come off as this. Yuri thinks about taking all that power and says, "I can't do that to Kanade anymore. After all, I only made it this far because I..." and then all the screens light up with red hearts. Course, then it turns out she was thinking about the whole SSS.
  • Hisako with Iwasawa in chapter 14 and the omake in the Heaven's Door manga, with Iwasawa hugging Hisako, saying things like "I need you" (which Hisako reciprocates) while poised over her, testing Hisako's breasts' sensitivity, accidentally ending up with a nude Hisako poised over her...
    • Continued in chapter 26. Yuri even orders them to stop all that lovey-dovey stuff.
  • Remember what T.K. said in episode 12 when he saw Matsushita all slim and fit? "Tasty Candy."
  • Yuri and Shiina get pretty close in Heaven's Door. Yuri is kind to her and notices when something's up with her. She stops Shiina from passing on, begging her to stay because the SSS — and herself — need her. Later, as the SSS eats together, Yuri brushes some food from Shiina's face and asks her not to leave. Shiina touches her face where Yuri touched her and smiles.