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Ho Yay: Amatsuki
There's numerous instances of Ho Yay in Amatsuki.
  • Kon and Tokidoki: Kon told Toki not to worry much because he had Kon, who had experience living in Amatsuki, working next to him. Which is strange considering that Kon used to be a delinquent and a criminal, and never talked to Toki before in his life despite them being at the same school.
    • They compliment each other on their looks several times: Kon calls Toki "cute" and Toki calls Kon "handsome".
    • Kon wears blue, Toki wears pink/purple/red.
    • Kon and Toki exchanged personal belongings, a hairband and and eyepatch respectively, before parting.
    • For a more detailed list of hints, this deviantART user did a good job in this post.
  • Kurotobi constantly hits on Toki, calling him cute and touching him a lot.
  • Ginshu and Bonten had something of an Interspecies Romance going on, what with Bonten being all tsundere and Ginshu bringing sweets and playing with him all throughout winter.
  • Toki and Tsuyukusa. They hold hands very often.

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