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Heartwarming: Zits
  • Any time Jeremy's scowling exterior slips away and he shows that deep down, he actually loves his parents.
  • In the June 16, 2013note  edition, Jeremy sees his father wearing a Moby Grape shirt. Jeremy removes his shirt to show that he has a Flaming Lips one on underneath. The father responds by taking off his Moby Grape shirt to show he has an Electric Prunes shirt underneath. Jeremy responds with a Black Keys shirt. Then they both take off those shirts to reveal Led Zeppelin shirts. They see that they are both wearing the same shirt and embrace.
  • After staying up nearly all night to do an essay the right way when everyone else in his class is cheating by getting their essays online, Jeremy mentions his woes to his mother, who tells him that she's proud of him for doing the right thing. He then hands her his (abysmal) essay, she takes one brief, utterly horrified look at it that makes her hair stand on end, she hands it back, and simply says: "I'm proud of you anyway, honey."
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