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Young Justice: The Animated Series

    Season 1 
  • At the end of Artemis' introduction, Roy confronts Artemis, telling her he knows full well that she's not Green Arrow's niece. However, he tells her that he's sure that Green Arrow and Batman have a good reason for letting her in, and her cover's safe. The heartwarming, however, is at the end.
    Roy: But I warn you, do not hurt my friends.

  • Robin is clearly jealous that Batman ordered him out to give Aqualad a private lecture and is taking it out in the training room. Batman notices. What does he do? Give Robin a lecture on jealousy? Ignore it? No, he just invites Robin to play basketball with him to assure him that no one would ever replace him!
  • The reaction to Mera's pregnancy; Tula quickly hugs her teacher in elation and Kaldur congradulates the two. Orm even congradulats his brother Of course given in the Tie-in comics, Orm tries to KILL Mera and her unborn son...that is rather Harsher in Hindsight.
  • Artemis is granted a scholarship to a prestigious Gotham school by Bruce Wayne. She initially doesn't want to do it, but when she realizes her upset mother wants her to go so her daughter can have a better life, she accepts it and embraces her mother.

  • Artemis and Wally holding hands as Miss Martian prepares to restore their memories via telepathy. It's a simple gesture showing Wally supporting Artemis who was understandably a bit nervous.
  • The fight scene, just after Megan restored Superboy's memories. Superboy called for M'gann by name—something he never does for his teammates. It was a beautiful, subtle way to indicate that the two of them are getting without pushing too hard.

  • The kiss between Superboy and Miss Martian.
    • And just before that when he wipes the fog off the ice to see her face and says telepathically: "M'gann, please. Don't leave me..."
    • Even Icicle Juniors reaction is pretty touching... y'know, despite being a villain and all that.

  • Artemis accepting the team as her new family.
    • Robin's reaction upon waking up got to me as well - he passed out, and when he woke up, his first reaction was to smile at Artemis and make a joke, praising her.

Alpha Male
  • The genetically-modified tiger that Captain Marvel befriended. Even more so, when he tells the tiger he will visit it again and calls it "Mr. Tawny". D'AWWW!
    • From the same episode, everyone unanimously voting to keep Aqualad the team's leader after learning his good reasons for not telling them about a possible mole.

  • Near the end Kid Flash fears that Nabu won't release Aqualad after he uses the Helmet of Fate to save everyone. When Aqualad takes off the helmet shortly after, he explains that while Nabu nearly didn't let him go, Kent Nelson convinced him to do so. He then comments that Kent told him to say "hi" from him, and Kid Flash smiles.
    • And during the final battle, the first we see of Batman is a batarang knocking a knife out of Joker's hand as he's fighting Robin. YMMV, but that part can get some. Especially the "don't mess with my kid" look he gave him.
  • The Goddamned Batman seems to just be radiating heart warmth. There's the above example, the way he praises the team for doing well even if it involved not following a plan to the letter, and just talking to Superboy about how stubborn Superman is being with the situation of having a teenage clone. Seriously, Batman gives out more heartwarming moments during the series than any other adult.
    • Justified is that Batman is just better with kids than he is with adults. Kids don't fear Batman. Adults do.

  • Red Tornado's brother and sister ask him why they should care about the fate of humanity when they are no longer human. Red Tornado says their questioning is flawed. They were never human, but they were heroes. And with one look, they make the decision to stop Red Volcano.
  • Red Tornado saying he agreed to be "den mother" to learn more about human emotion and that he cares about the team. That moment was full of warm fuzzy feelings. And at the end he promises to take care of the "real" Morrow, who's hooked up to a life support system.

  • M'gann telling Conner "I love you" before he goes off on an incredibly dangerous mission.
  • Wally and M'gann's reactions to Artemis's supposed death.
    • And Wally's utter refusal to believe it.
  • Flash saving Iris in "Failsafe" got an "Awww..." out of this troper.
    • More than that, the way they manage to communicate so much despite being live on air and having to uphold the Secret Identity... Screw it if they weren't even present for the simulation, but the hand on shoulder and Longing Look just culminate in a big heartbreaking heartwarmer, and you know the animators made it so poignant just to make the senario that much more real for us.
  • Captain Marvel giving M'gann a well-needed hug after the events of "Failsafe."
  • Kid Flash and Robin dying together! Sure, it was a training exercise, but they didn't know that at the time!
    • It's not just that they died together. But that nod they shared before it happened. It was a little thing that said so much about their friendship.
  • When the soldier put his complete trust in Superboy, letting out an almost cheery, "Sure, Superman!" as he limped to the teleporter, this troper smiled.
    • How about the fact that no one blamed M'gann for what happened?
    • Wade Eiling telling Superboy that it doesn't matter if he isn't actually Superman and that he's still doing a great job.
      • Adding to the fact that Eiling is usually a BAD GUY in most continuities, including this one in the Tie In comics, so it shows that when things go to hell, Eiling is more than willing to help the heroes in the best he can. Even sacrificing himself (Yes it's a exercise but it does show the heroes trust him).
  • a minor one that comes about through a subtitling error was the subtitles calling him Super MAN when he agreed to perform a Heroic Sacrifice

  • Superboy's second session with Black Canary was unexpected for this troper.
    • In sort of a weird way, Robin, Aqualad, and Megan's sessions was also this. Think about it: first we have Superboy, who loses his temper and angrily storms out; then we have Artemis, who's clearly hurting but is too stubborn to admit she needs help; and later we have Wally, who's just plain in denial about his own trauma. Aqualad, Robin, and Megan, by contrast, simply sit down and tell Black Canary why they were hurting, rather than put on false brave faces.
    • There is also the Forever People allowing Connor to keep Sphere because they could tell he cares a lot for her. The smiles that Bear and Serepham give show that they approve.
    • One of Intergang's thugs gets one, too. When Dreamer impersonates his mother and his fellow goons are taken down, he plants himself directly between the New God who took them down and her. Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas, indeed.

  • Kaldur tells Batman that he trusts every member of the team completely and refuses to consider that any of them might be a mole. Aww.

  • Superboy pulls a crying boy out of a wrecked car and he stops crying when he sees the Superman symbol they both wear on their clothes. Then the baby reaches out and touches the S-shield and gives a big smile. Connor's grin shows that for once, the connection to his genetic parent isn't a painful reminder that Superman doesn't want anything to do with him. And he picks up two more on the way to the gym!
    • In the same episode, Wally, Billy and Artemis return into the loving arms of their parents and guardians. Billy's the most heartwarming, when it shows his uncle holding onto a photo of the two of them, and then he hears the word "Shazam."
    • It's a small thing, but Wally's line about not wanting to see any more empty houses is a good one. The weary, exhausted delivery by Jason Spisak really sells it.
    • Kid Flash is this constantly throughout the episode. When a child he has rescued hands him his sippy cup, Wally just says "Aw, for me? Thanks," still keeping cheery despite it all and putting on a brave face for the children when he would have every excuse to be weary. Even better - as usual, he has a souvenir from the episode. On the shelf that holds or has held items such as Doctor Fate's helmet, he puts that same sippy cup.
    • There is also the scenes where Barbara and Bette are taking care of the kids at their school, Rocket saving kids in a bus, and Megan and Conner's classmates are still there to take care of the kids. It just shows how mature these kids are in wanting to take care of these children. Especially when Robin says to 'Take care of those who have no one.' Given his backstory, this would mean a lot to him.
  • Any moment between Zatanna and Robin is either this or a Crowning Moment of Funny.

  • Doubly for Queen Perdita. Word of God stated that the events of the Green Arrow short that introduced her is canon with Young Justice, so she already has a close tie to one of the Justice League's charter members, so this could be why it was important to the League. But now she has another hero; Kid Flash. like with Arrow, she is happy to be safe from Vertigo and thanks to Kid, she doesn't have to worry about him again. That is likely a load off from the young queen and it's thanks to him and the Justice League that she is alive. So yeah, likely to Vlativa, the League are gonna be always welcome. and she was perfectly willing to give Kid Flash a priceless heirloom from the royal family as a reward, so that is a big thing.
    • What did Kid Flash do? Refused the sword and took the donor box as his souvenir to remember the mission by.

  • Miss Martian confesses she based her personality and appearance on Marie Logan's character on "Hello Megan" because broadcasts of the show helped her through a lonely childhood on Mars and asking Marie if she was mad. Marie says she's honored and that now that her son was saved by Miss Martian's blood she's family and they hug. Unfortunately it's undercut by Miss Martian hiding her true form as a White Martian from her friends, her turning Psimon into a mindless vegetable to keep her secret and Queen Bee blackmailing her into becoming The Mole for her or else she'll reveal it.
    • Although that boomerangs right back into heartwarming when it's revealed that Connor already knows she's a White Martian. When he was telling her not to hide her true form, he was essentially saying "You don't have to lie to me. I know, and I don't care."

  • Wonder Woman calls Batman on training Robin at the age of nine. Batman insists that Robin needed to find justice.
    Wonder Woman: So he could turn out like you?
    Batman: So that he wouldn't.
    • Batman defending Captain Marvel from those who oppose his presence due to his secret identity can be a heartwarming moment too.
    • Doctor Fate's Papa Wolf moment when he bluntly refused to allow Zatanna to join the League. Proof that Zatara is still trying to look after his daughter.
    • To a lesser extent, Fate's acknowledgement that the two Team members he has previously bonded with, Kid Flash and Aqualad, are ready for the League.
  • Superboy's behavior towards Match (combined with Tear-jerking). Even though the other Superman clone has all the Kryptonian powers and attacked him, Conner still tries to help his 'brother' until forced to admit that there's no safe way to introduce Match to the outside world. The look on his face when he frees Match the first time is the gentlest we've ever seen him when not interacting with M'gann.

  • Wally's conversation with Artemis about how there's room for two archers once Red Arrow joined and saying that she has nothing to prove to the team. It shows despite the fact that they often bicker, they do truly care about eachother. However, this makes the ending all the sadder.
    • Actually almost the whole episode is this until the end between Wally and Artemis as he constantly stands up for her to Red Arrow, someone who he's wanted on the team since the beginning and has known for much longer, yet Wally constantly tells him to back off and sides with Artemis
  • The interaction between Ollie and Artemis is very sweet, they aren't really family, at least by blood and Ollie just suggested that Artemis tells the team that she's his niece so it would look good. But still they seem to enjoy their time together a lot.
  • There's Green Arrow and Red Arrow stopping some robbers together, "for old times' sake".

  • Robin's last favor to Haly.
  • Red Arrow finally ditches his opinion of the potential moles after they defeat the Parasite together. Too bad it's potentially and cruelly subverted since previous episodes have established that all three have villains with something over each of them.
    • Even more cruelly subverted when we find out that Red Arrow was actually the mole and didn't even know it.
    • Not subverted later is Wally's call to Robin telling him that it's his job as Robin's best friend to keep him grounded when he needs to be.
    • To add to the above: KF knows Robin's identity, and his backstory. He is the only member of the team, and, most likely, the only person besides Bruce and Alfred to be 'in the know'. And all this after Batman specifically instructed him not to tell anyone.
    • Not only did Robin tell Wally all of this, Wally remembered it. All Robin has to say is "Jack Haly" for Wally to understand exactly how important this is to him.

Usual Suspects
  • When Conner, Artemis, and M'Gann finally revealed secrets they been hiding from the team and each revelation is heartwarming after the next. We have Conner tells his friends that his new increase of power was thanks to these special patches that was given to him by Luthor who he then revealed is his father and part human, thus completing his transition from being an angry teen who didn't want help to trusting his team full heartily. Then there's Artemis who revealed her criminal family past thus repairing her relationship with Wally that was damaged in "Insecurity". Then add to that Robin always knew and didn't say anything because she was always part of the team. But the biggest is when M'Gann finally showed her true White Martian form and Conner goes and grabs her hand and revealed that he knew ever since their mind meld back in "Bereft" and even before they started dating.
    • There's an extra moment to be had in that. When M'Gann reveals her true form, the others take a step back. You can't really blame them; she did just turn into a monster. However, Aqualad doesn't even flinch. Conner didn't either, but he knew ahead of time. Aqualad has literally just seen this and isn't the slightest bit freaked out. That's how much he cares for the team.
      • There's actually more to it. He knows some rather freaky looking Atlantian's that have visable fish parts, from the Mermaid, to Lagann, so M'Gann's appearance wasn't that surprising AND he knows that said Atlantian's face painful persecution (Lagann even spoke to him of wanting to go to the surface in hopes of getting away from this) so he certainly understands what she was getting at. In could be even deeper as it was hinted Kaldur himself is an "Impure Atlantian" as although he's certainly no Lagann he has visable gills and is black, as opposed to all the other pure Atlantians we see who look totally human and are white. So HE might have faced persecution himself.
    • Then there's the fact that the rest of the team forgave them instantly. Nobody had any resentment for secrets being kept. That's how much this team is a family.
    • Kind of a meta example here, but having Rocket join the team and Icon become a member of the League definitely counts when you remember their creator and his passing. Dwayne McDuffie was one of the greatest comic-book writers, editors, and story-board writers ever to grace the industry, and he put his heart and soul into every character from MILESTONE Comics. To see his guys finally get the respect and recognition they so richly deserve, it really gets you. 1962- 2011, Rest In Peace Dwayne. You are greatly missed.
  • Cheshire saves Artemis from an avalanche. Why? As she states, "Okay, fine! We're sisters, and I don't want to see you dead." Even after all this time and all the fights they had, the two have a deep sisterly bond that could not be broken.
    • Earlier than the above, but when the Team come across the crashed plane (that carried Cheshire), Artemis looks away in shock and sadness. But, when her big sister shows the whole thing was a decoy to ambush the Team, Artemis gives a small smile. Just happy her sister was alive.

Auld Acquaintance
  • After The Team faces of against The League and wins, a chime in the watchtower goes off, signifying the start of the new year, and everyone ("everyone" being Robin and Zatanna, Kid Flash and Artemis, Superboy and Miss Martian, and Aqualad and Rocket) pairs together and kisses.
    • Special mention has to go to Wally, who started it with "I should have done this a long time ago."
    Artemis: No kidding.
    • Also, Superman finally begins to warm up to Superboy.
      • Specifically, his approval of Superboy using "Kent" as a last name.
    • The conversation between Aqualad and Red Arrow in the latter's equipment cache.

    Season 2 
Happy New Year
  • Nightwing's Big Brother Instinct towards Robin (Tim). It's hinted that Jason exist(ed?) in this universe as well because one of the last things he tells Tim before sending him off on a mission is "Don't die."
  • You can hear a note of worry in his voice when Nightwing asks Mal about Gamma squad's status. Later when the entire Justice League and team come to Gamma's aid, Robin looks like he's expecting to be reprimanded, only for Nightwing to congratulate him instead through cracking a joke.
  • Rocket and Zatanna remind Nightwing, Superboy, and Miss Martian that they're welcome to join the Justice League, to which they reply that they're happy where they are as one sentence.
  • It's subtle, but based on the way Nightwing and Batman act around one another, it suggests that in this universe, Dick and Bruce didn't have the falling out that preceded his change of identity in pretty much every other continuity.
    • Confirmed by Greg Weisman that Dick and Bruce never had the big fight that led Dick to leave in most other works and Dick took on the identity of Nightwing as a natural part of growing up, their relationship is still strong.

  • The interactions between M'gann and Gar. We learn that Beast Boy was taken in by her sometime during the five-year timeskip, and every moment they're together onscreen that doesn't have something to due with their misson shows just how close the two of them are. Laughing together, playing games, and even sharing sad moments. When Gar freezes up and starts crying because they've come upon a scene that reminds him of his mother's death, M'gann's first instinct is to find out what's wrong, then hug her little brother tightly and cry right along with him.
  • Everyone on the Team (at least the old one from the first season) knows Nightwing's name. While Batman forbade him from telling them his real name during his time as Robin, he's now his own act, and he trusts the others enough to tell them who he is.

  • Hawkman decided to accompany his wife for moral support as she and several other Justice Leaguers leave for Rimbor.
  • It's adorable to see that Batman has the biggest family, with Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin saying goodbye to him.
  • The interactions between Superman and Superboy. It is quite satisfying, after all this time, to see them actually act like brothers. He even refers to him as the Kryptonian name 'Kon-El'.
    • During the brawl that breaks out, Superman actually compliments Superboy in a genuinely happy manner. It's become clear their relationship has changed a lot for the better.
    • Superman's attempt to talk down the Krolotaens to save them from a bomb. It's a reminder that Superman isn't just admired for his power alone. Sadly it doesn't work.
    • It also leads to further evidence of how much closer he and Superboy are now, when Superboy points out that being unable to save the Krolotaens means he won't be okay.
    • In general all the interactions between the Justice League and their team counterparts is nice here, with Lagann showing his respect to Aquaman his king, and Wonderwoman and Wonder girl's scenes (which is actually the only time the two interact all season). It's the last time they'll interact with their protege's for the rest of the series before leaving until the finale so they make it count. (Aquaman stays but is mostly regulated to standing around until the finale so this is the last time we see him work with Lagann).
    • The interactions between J'onn J'onzz and his niece are VERY Well done throughout the entire series? Word of God confirms that M'gaan is actually blood related to the Martian Manhunter via his sister and a White Martian. So while Roy maybe have been programed to be suspicious, J'onn knew the entire time she was a white Martian and likely helped her in life.
  • If you've read the tie ins talking about Captain Atom's past, his trying to comfort Wonder Woman after learning what Savage and Klarion did to the team. When he says "don't blame yourself. Blame Savage and his Light." He knows exactly what it's like to be framed by a conspiracy and to have to endure stigma for it, and he's speaking from the heart in that she has to remember that the Light are the truly responsible ones.

  • We catch up with Red Arrow, and he's not doing so well. His quest to find the real Roy Harper/Speedy has become an obsession, one that's running him ragged, making him sloppy, making him cross some lines he wouldn't as a hero. It's slowly killing him, and he just can't see it. Thankfully, he still has friends. While on patrol, he gets stopped on a rooftop by Nightwing, Wally, Jim Harper (the now-retired Guardian), Green Arrow, and Black Canary, for an impromptu "intervention" of sorts. He may be a standoff-ish jerk, but he's still someone they care for deeply.
    • Sadly, their efforts aside, he doesn't see reason and leaves for his apartment, only to be greeted by someone special: Jade Nguyen, Cheshire. He tries to brush her off too, but she takes it all in stride, mixing in playfully snarky comments with genuine affection and concern, citing that she has special privileges to rag on him, being his wife and all that now. And then she reveals the primary reason she's come back. Their daughter, Lian Nguyen-Harper, a precious little angel that Roy didn't even know existed. The look on his face just seals it, even before Jade tells him that she has a lead. Even after all he's put her and Lian through, Jade still loves him enough to support him in his mad quest.
      • The mere existence of Lian in this show warmed this Troper to tears. After DC's 'brilliant handling' of her in the comics, it comforts this Troper to know that Lian is alive in some continuity.
      • Gets even more heartwarming when Word of God stated that Jade told Roy about Lian first.
      • Or how about Greg Weismann stating that Red Arrow is still on leave from the League, but for a more sweeter and happy tearjerker reason: He wants to focus on being a dad.
      • And how Greg also confirmed that Jade made changes to her life for the sake of her baby daughter.
  • We also get a look into what Wally's been doing since his retirement of the Kid Flash mantle. He's leading the college life now, studying Vietnamese apparently, with the best tutor around: his roommate and loving girlfriend/soulmate, Artemis. That's right folks, all of you in the Spitfire shipping camp can rest easy now. After all these years, those two are still together, and just as madly in love as before. Happy Valentines Day, Wally and Artemis.
    • Also becomes an extra one because Kent Nelson's last words to Wally was to find his own spitfire like his wife.
    • And just like Inza did for Kent, Artemis isn't letting Wally get away with anything such as copying her homework.
    • Wally actually is majoring in Physics according to Word of God which makes it all the more heartwarming, Artemis is Half Vietnamese and so would have an interest in her cultural heritage (also she is majoring in Comparative literature). Wally is just taking the class to be with her and learn more about her culture.

  • From Ask Greg, the creator revealed just how seriously Batman took his promise to take care of Zatanna. Batman offered to reveal his secret identity to Zatanna and invited her to move in with him and Robin, but Zatanna declined, wanting Zatara remain her legal guardian. Batman agreed — on the condition that she allow him, Black Canary, and Red Tornado to act as surrogate parents until she could get her father back.

  • Bart Allen comes from the future and after a little interaction with a few members of the team, he runs over to visit his grandfather Barry, The Flash. While there, he meets his grandmother Iris, Jay and Joan Garrick and even Wally, his first cousin once removed. He is so excited he gives each and every one of them a hug. At the end, it is revealed that Bart came from a bad future where Barry had died. This was probably the first time he had ever met any of them.
  • In Tibet, there's Red Arrow and Cheshire with Lian, finding a monastery which is supposed to be one of Chesh's leads on finding the original Roy Harper. Cheshire tells Red Arrow to stop calling the original the "real" Roy, because she needs him to be "real" for Lian. At which point Lian looks up at Roy and giggles, and Roy gives one of the most genuine smiles he's ever given in the show, to his little girl.
    • It's brief, but Roy is shown helping Jade with the baby sling.
    • The '"It's genetic."' line from Cheshire about Lian's apparent enjoyment towards violence; just the way she said the line, and as she said, Jade pulled Lian a little closer, and from the expressions of her eyes, she's smiling. Jade is gleaming with pride!

  • The Reveal at the end shows that Aqualad is still a loyal friend.
    • Aqualad vowing to help the recently-captured Lagoon Boy was pretty sweet.
    • Also, there's something strangely moving about the real pride in Black Manta's voice when commending Aqualad for his character. Until, you know, you remind yourself that he was praising him for a job well done on what was essentially terrorism and murder.
      • Still sort of heartwarming, since his father is actually praising him for being honest about his failure.
  • Despite what happened earlier the same episode, Wally and Artemis say goodbye before Artemis goes into deep cover. It really makes you think back to when they were too insecure to admit their attraction.

  • Jason is a part of this universe and has already died sometime during the timeskip. But the League and Team have a memorial for him with their other fallen teammates and after several members go visit Artemis's new memorial, you can see Tim lingering at Jason's marker for a while.
    • Some extra meta re: Jason. One of Jason's first appearances after his resurrection was a Teen Titans arc where he tried to kill Tim to prove he was the superior Robin. One of the things that set him off was that there was no memorial to him in the Hall of Fallen Titans— while comics Jason was never a regular member of the team, he was an occasional guest star and ally. In the Young Justice universe, Jason was a member of the equivalent team of teenage heroes and he was remembered in the equivalent memorial. Between that and the fact that Jason was given a unique character design and Robin costume (unlike the comics, where he's virtually indistinguishable from Dick), and in one single background cameo of a hologram after his death, this show put more thought and care into Jason Todd than his original creators did his entire tenure as Robin.
  • Jade named her baby after Artemis's middle name. Shows how much Jade really cared for her sister afterall. Also, her willingness to avenge the "death" of her sister by killing Aqualad.
  • Clone Roy comforting Ollie as the latter blames himself for being a poor mentor.
  • The original Roy Harper doesn't hold a grudge to Red Arrow unknowingly replacing him.
  • Wendy, Superboy's classmate from high school, wishes him a Happy Birthday. It's heartwarming since it seems that no one in the Team and the Justice League remembers or cares that it's his birthday.
  • Bart and Jaime's conversation in the grotto where they have a memorial set up to honor dead heroes— Jaime is sad because he never even got the chance to meet Ted Kord, the previous Blue Beetle, before he passed away. Impulse assures that he's carrying on Blue Beetle's legacy and that they have more in common than they think (previously, it was heavily hinted that Barry died in Bart's original timeline).
  • Lex Luthor shows genuine concern for his bodyguard Mercy when Original Roy blows her weaponized arm off with detonation cord.

  • Beast Boy is watching something on his phone. It's an episode of his mother's old show, "Hello, Megan!"
  • Bart and Jaime's budding friendship counts as well, especially since everything else only gets worse after that.
  • You have to give Mal points for trying here, enduring what is most-likely hours in a lab with nothing to do, probably bored out of his skull, just so he can be with Karen? Now that's a good boyfriend. And still, the poor guy's not any closer to tearing her away from her work. It's like Wasp and Ant-Man, but in reverse personality-wise.
  • Conner paying his respects to Artemis' memorial in the grotto before the attack.
  • Dick spends most of this season incredibly serious and focused, which stands in sharp contrast to his usual portrayals. But when he and Artemis were fighting, he smiles what might be his biggest and most sincere smile of the season and throws out a one liner. It goes to show how close they were and how much he'd missed having her around.

Before the Dawn
  • While being held captive and being experimented on, Jaime dreams of him and his childhood friend Tye, skateboarding and just having fun. Even though the dream is cut short with a horrific wake up call, it was a nice thing to see a glimpse of what life would have been like for Jaime before the Scarab entered his life.
  • Bart deciding to alter the future by befriending Jaime and making sure he doesn't become the villain he is in Bart's timeline instead of more violent or underhanded techniques.
  • Despite what happened afterwards, the montage that shows all the times Kaldur was a hero and tried to help the team was really sweet showing all the good he did in season 1.
  • Beast Boy going tiger and defending M'gann during her Heroic B.S.O.D.. It's a Tear Jerker on her side, but all Beast Boy knows is that his blood sister is in trouble, and he won't let her be hurt.

  • The first thing Virgil wants to do after he escapes? Go home and let his family know he's all right.
  • Mal's little show in the Guardian uniform, in order to by time for the others by facing down Despero.

True Colors
  • At the very end, the new Green Beetle gives support to Jaime of going beyond just wanting the scarab off.
  • Pa Kent's cameo, when he lets the Green Beetle stay in his barn while referring to Conner as one of his boys.
  • Bart in the emergency room as they try to get the Scarab off, giving moral support to Jaime.
  • Black Manta's genuine concern for Kaldur's well-being. That, and Vandal Savage sympathizing with his concern for his son, admitting that, as a father himself, he shares in his pain, and knows he would do anything to save or at least avenge his daughter were something similar to happen to her. They both may be evil masterminds, but seeing this kind of humanity and camaraderie amongst even the villains is really heartwarming.

The Fix
  • Artemis working with M'gann to restore Kaldur's mind together. It's just the start, but it shows progress.
    • Following the above event, Kaldur manages to regain some measure of consciousness, and the first thing he says is, "Father". Black Manta responds by immediately sitting himself besides Kaldur and reassuring him that he is here. For that single moment, you completely forget that Manta is a member of The Light as we truly see that he loves his son. Even before that, he recognizes how close "Tigress" is to Kaldur and tries to console her, albeit by swearing to kill M'gann.
    • Also nice is when Psimon is going to fix Kaldur and is stopped by Tigress, we see Black Manta doing work at his desk but has a video feed of Kaldur's room open on his computer, probably so he can observe the mind-fix as much as possible while still getting his work done.
  • Jaime's joy at the Scarab being silent. Of course, it later turns out that it's really the Scarab talking here, but it sounds nice at the time.
    Jaime: I'm free! Permanently free.
  • Conner demonstrates that he took "Alpha Male's" lesson to heart when he publicly backs Nightwing's deception because he's team leader despite having very good reasons to object.

The Runaways
  • It's clear that the titular team are True Companions right off the bat. Virgil offers to take the others to his house when they run away, Tye manages to activate his power while sleeping to save them, and they all go with Ed to rescue his father.
  • Virgil calling his family to tell them that he's alright.
  • Ed teleporting his father away from Red Volcano, especially since it's already been confirmed they don't get along. When his father mentions that it's the first time he's ever teleported with someone else, Ed simply says "I was motivated." and smiles.
    Tye: Dude, you hate your dad.
  • Although you find out later that Jaime's on mode and it was the Scarab talking to manipulate them, Jaime revealing himself to the runaways and empathizing with being controlled by the Reach was sweet at the moment.
  • Tye rescuing Blue Beetle after the latter was pummeled into the ground by Red Volcano
  • Asami's dialogue before the group goes back to rescue Eduardo Sr. (very roughly) means something like "I don't understand what's going on, but let's go together."

  • Whatever happened after Mongul's defeat but before Blue Beetle turns on the Team counts as well, with Mal and Karen's reconciliation standing out. It only serves to make the Mood Whiplash all the more shocking.
    • Not to mention the little kiss on the cheek Arsenal gets from Wonder Girl.
    Arsenal (jokingly): Wow. How do I get that reward?
    Wonder Girl (Cassie) leans over and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek, which stuns him for a second.
    Arsenal (smiling): ... It's a start.
  • The Team celebrating their win together was very endearing, with Mal ruffling Gar's hair, Tim and Bart sharing a brofist, the light banter, etc. While the dynamics of the Team isn't as much in focus this season, little moments like this show how close they all are.
  • Very small and almost unnoticeable, but Barbara pushing Tim out of the way of Blue's sonic blast.

  • M'gann, Artemis, and a mentally restored Kaldur were figuring out how to get M'gann off Manta's sub, and before Cheshire and Sportsmaster came crashing in, the latter two were ready to blow their cover to help her escape. Even after Kaldur had his mind fried by M'gann herself, he'd happily botch his mission to help his friend.
  • Cheshire telling her mother that Artemis is alive. Also, Paula babysitting Lian.
    • Even more cuter? Even though Lian's time was brief, if you re-watch carefully, you can hear laugh or giggle when she's in Jade's arms. To explain: Lian missed her mommy!
  • You could argue that Kaldur's Aside Glance and the fact that he clearly does not reciprocate negated it, but Black Manta hugging his revived son.
    • Also afterwards, the warmth and pride in Black Manta's voice as he presents his son whole again to the Light and his belief that Kaldur was able to finally break free of his partial catatonic state to rescue his father from mortal danger.
  • Despite having wrote the book on being an awful father, Sportsmaster goes out of his way to destroy the evidence of Artemis' freeing M'gann.
    • Also, the fact that he's willing to damage his reputation, since none of the villains know that Artemis is alive, so in their eyes, his reputation is the same as it was before this mission. Aww...

The Hunt
  • Nightwing and Miss Martian trying to take the blame for Aqualad's Mind Rape and Blue's defection from each other, before both deciding that they need to get over it together. Dick's smile when M'gann harks back to when he was 13 just seals it.
  • When he hears that the Team is being held captive, Virgil immediately wants in to pay them back for rescuing them from the Reach. The rest swiftly agree with him.
  • Tye doesn't just want to go after the Reach because of what they did to him, but also because he learned that the scarab is controlling his best friend Jaime.
  • The Runaways extend their True Companionship to Arsenal, deciding to cut ties with the Team for rejecting him, and cutting ties with Lex when he explains how they were used.
  • When the Team is rescued, you can see whoever can stand helping those that can't. The Runaways even form the front line for a potential assault.

  • Impulse defending Jaime when Robin calls the latter a traitor.
  • The Scarab congratulating Jaime on being free of the Reach. Jaime accuses him of not really being happy, and the Scarab reassures him that he much prefers their partnership to being enslaved by the Reach.
  • Earlier, when Jaime expressed his dislike for the Scarab and the Ambassador controlling his body while interacting with his family, the Scarab said that any other method would only endanger them.
    • Also, the Scarab purposely seemed to make tactical errors and was slow to respond on multiple occasions, subtly rebelling against the Reach.
  • Jaime hugging Zatanna for freeing him. Aw.
    • That and B'arzz O'oomm marveling at having his freedom back after being on mode for years.

  • Wally and Artemis's reunion. Full stop.
    • Later, Wally and Bart have a quick chat in the middle of taking down the Brain, and Wally officially hands the mantle over to him. Bart completely geeks out over this, and promises to make him proud.
  • Nightwing and the rest of the Team congratulating Kaldur. Nightwing even gives him command back at the end!
  • Beast Boy quickly hugging Artemis, happy that she's alive and that Kaldur isn't a traitor.
  • Lagoon Boy rescuing Miss Martian from Klarion's fire snake and even cushioning her fall.
  • Black Manta stepping in to protect Kaldur even after learning that he was The Mole. In the following fight you can tell that both parties were conflicted.
    • To cement it, Kaldur admitted to admiring Black Manta's noble side.

End Game
  • Black Lightning offering to take Virgil under his wing if he ever decides to become a hero & wants a mentor. Considering he's the only one of the Runaways to take the team up on their invitation to join up with them, it would appear it had an effect.
    • Considering how "The Hunt" ended, the fact that the Team and the runaways are working together at all is this.
  • Blue Beetle and Scarab uniting to defeat Black Beetle. Jaime even calls Scarab his hermano.
  • Kaldur assuring La'gaan that he does trust him, as he was the one who picked La'gaan to take his place on the team in the first place.
  • Apparently, Wendy and Marvin have started dating. Marvin's scared he'll mess up, and so Superboy's been acting as a buffer.
  • Artemis reassuring Bart that Wally would be proud of him being the second Kid Flash.
  • Kid Flash and Artemis pretty much treat their time in Paris destroying a Reach MFD as a date. Kid Flash even makes out with her under the Eiffel Tower.
  • Granted, it's bittersweet, given that it was spurred on by Wally's death, but still... Wonder Girl finds the courage to admit her feelings to Tim, and the two become a couple.
  • Word of God confirming that Team Headbands (Tye Longshadow and Asami "Sam" Koizumi) is canon. After all of the trauma and struggles that Tye and Sam went through, along with Virgil and Ed, it's very sweet to see something good came out of it: They fell for each other and Sam even moved in with Tye and his mom.

    Young Justice tie-in comic 
  • The flashbacks of Dick's 14th birthday, when Barbara admits her crush on him. Cut to 5 years later, when she shows up at his apartment door, after he has the worst birthday ever.
  • While there is some sketchiness to it, Artemis and Icicle Junior are actually really nice to each other when they reunite. It shows that the villains aren't ALL bad.
  • Kaldur becoming very protective of his fellow Atlanteans when they are being subgicated given he is half-Atlantean and they are being mistreated by Ocean Master's forces.
  • The Origin Story comic. That is all.

    Young Justice: Legacy 
  • When Artemis starts to blame herself for Cheshire and Sportsmaster getting involved. The others are quick to reassure her.
    Kid Flash: Come on, babe, it's not your fault.
    Superboy: Wally's right. We don't get to choose our family.
    Kid Flash: Hey, I gotta be right sometimes. Law of averages.
    Aqualad: But we do choose out friends. And we have all chosen you.
    Kid Flash: We're your family now. Well, plus your mom, who's pretty cool.

  • The artist of the tie-in comic, Chris Jones, has a post on his blog detailing how, when he was in California for Doctor Who con, he was trying to coordinate a meeting with comic writer and show producer Greg Weisman. He couldn't get over to Greg's side of town due to set up at the con, but when he told Greg he was trying to organize an informal meet-up for Young Justice fans, Greg said he'd come if his presence would be a surprise. Chris had also wanted to get Greg a thank-you gift, and when Greg mentioned that page 16 of issue #25 was both the most chilling thing he'd ever written and his favorite page of the finished art, Chris had the original artwork framed for him.