Heartwarming / Yggdra Unison

Yeah, Yggdra Unison is a fluffy Gaiden Game that doesn't take itself too seriously. You still might want to have a tissue box on hand at some points.
  • Gulcasa's ending. This man's life has been one long exercise in getting trauma heaped upon trauma and never, ever being able to catch a lasting break. And no matter how many times the world has kicked him down, he just gets right back up again and keeps trying to fulfill his ideals. After the extended Break the Cutie that is Blaze Union and the way that Yggdra Union goes for the poor guy, just seeing his efforts pay off for fucking once is incredibly emotional. But it doesn't even stop at "Gulcasa conquers the world and everyone lives happily ever after"—the Grand Bronquian Empire is the only unified state that's explicitly stated to last for millennia afterward, and the ending narration goes on to mention that Gulcasa remains a beloved and admired figure in history forever. Take that pat on the back, big guy; you deserve it.
    • You also have the option of beating some sense into Nessiah and Mizer and then welcoming them back to the team, thereby reuniting the True Companions. Especially with the knowledge of how much Gulcasa's friends really mean to him, bringing everyone back together just plain feels good.
  • "What are you doing, Luciana? Is this supposed to be some kind of test to see if I can tell that it's you? Don't be an idiot. Even if everyone else gets fooled by the Phantom Valkyrie act, you'll never fool me." He has no idea what's actually going on, and yet he still manages to put all the melodrama to rest with a heartfelt monologue that lasts less than a minute and a smile.
    • This was technically the fans' first extended glimpse of Gulcasa's absurdly good nature off the battlefield, which makes it even more striking.