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Heartwarming: Unbreakable
  • Elijah's mother keeps him from becoming a reclusive shut-in during his childhood by giving him the perfect motivation to go outside on a regular basis.
  • A young David pulling his highschool sweetheart from the wreckage of a car accident by sheer brute strength and force of will. Not to mention immediately after that when he fakes an injury so that he will have an excuse to grant her request of him quitting football. This is a young man giving up guaranteed fame and glory (considering his unique talents) for his highschool love.
  • After David makes his first foray into superheroism, he covertly slips Joseph the newspaper article from outside his wife's line of vision, and when Joseph looks at him inquiringly, David just gives a small smile and nod, which leads to Joseph's (very subtle) Tears of Joy.
  • David saves two young children and they in return save him at his most desperate hour, not to mention their (the children's) darkest.
  • David carrying his sleeping wife back to his bedroom and hugging her with a callback to his previous confession. While having a telepathic power to sense people's wrongdoings by touch.

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