Awesome / Unbreakable
  • David ripping open his crashed car to save his girlfriend.
  • David putting on his security poncho before going to the house with the kidnapped family.
    • When David accepts his calling and saves two little kids from being killed by the guy who invaded their home and killed their parents.
    • When the little kids from the above example save David from drowning.
    • Y'all forgot the biggest one: when David takes out the Orange Man by keeping him in a choke hold, all the while being slammed into a wall. Seriously, that whole shot was awesome!
  • A rather morbid one, but there is something amazing in how far Elijah went to find and unlock a modern day superhero.
  • When David gets his son to put the gun down by counting to three.
  • The music by James Newton Howard. Just about every scene is scored wonderfully. It's slow, mysterious, haunting and (just as David) eventually blooms into awesomely heroic.
  • Elijah's mother deserves one for finding a way to encourage her fragile son to risk having as normal a life as he could, despite his condition. Whatever he later may have done, just going outside to retrieve those comics from the bench was a victory every day.