Trivia / Unbreakable

  • Big Name Fan: Quentin Tarantino listed this movie as one of his favorite films since he started his own career. He even suggested the tagline "What if Superman was here on earth... but he didn't know he was Superman?"
  • Blooper: A hard to catch one. After Elijah reveals what he did to David, we see many newspaper clippings about disasters on the wall. One says "Huge Mudslide in Mexico: Kills All Expect Newborn".
  • Executive Meddling: The reason this movie was directed and billed as a psychological thriller rather than a superhero origin story as Shyamalan originally intended. Arguably, this resulted in a more interesting and unique film.
  • Playing Against Type: Samuel L. Jackson plays the near mirror-opposite of his previous roles: a weak, fragile, soft-spoken character. It's also fairly rare to see him play a villain as well.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Unbreakable Trilogy with parts two and three planned. Not being such a success, it remains a stand alone story. M. Night has said he is waiting for the right script and will ask Disney to make the sequel.
    • Plot details and a villain from an abandoned sequel are intended to be used instead for the third installment of The Night Chronicles, following Devil and the planned sequel Reincarnate.