Heartwarming / 20th Century Boys

  • When the corporation manager tries to make Kenji send Kanna to child care for the sake of the store, Kenji's Big "NO!" is enough to make any parent, or uncle, pump their fist into the air.
  • Otcho talking the prostitute in Bangkok out of killing herself.
  • Kanna finally getting reunited with her mother.
  • Father Nitani's backstory. A Yakuza member on the run in China, he meets a priest who needs to deliver a truck full of medicine to a village in the heavy storm, but can't drive it. Nitani helps him, but only so he can get away from the police. Along the way, he finds out just how much faith the priest has in God. They eventually come to a flooded river, but the bridge over it is too damaged to hold the truck's weight. So the priest gets out and steadies the beam so the truck can drive over. When Nitani gets across, he sees that the priest was washed away, his faith in God not protecting him at all. Nitani manages to get to the village and deliver the medicine, and is hailed as a hero, but he's still depressed about the death of the priest. Despondent, he starts to weep as he holds the bottle of wine he and the priest were going to share when they arrived. Then he sees the priest limping towards him. * sniff*
  • Keroyon & his son talking the American boy who was the lone survivor in his town out of blaming himself for what had happened to everyone he knew, and helping the Japanese family save Kiriko with a group of bikers, who she saved.
  • After the second plague outbreak of 2015, we cut to Germany where we see a young orphaned boy trying to survive, but appearing to be sick. An old man who knows him talks it over with his wife, noting that they managed to get a vial of the medicine. They both decide to give it to the boy instead of taking it themselves, and hope for the best. Cut to the final climax with the giant robot and we see the German boy, alive and adopted by the elderly couple and the American boy mentioned above unofficially adopted by the bikers. All knowing that the ones who stopped Friend would save the world.
  • The "You are my daughter" conversation between Kanna and Yukiji is very moving.