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Nightmare Fuel: 20th Century Boys
  • The flashback to the origins of the Friend cult.
  • "We're friends, right?"
  • While also listed as a Crowning Moment of Funny, the scene where the engineer is trying to explain the mecha problems. All these full-grown adults are coming up with ideas for a giant robot designed to kill thousands of people at the very least like little boys playing a game.
  • The events that transpired in the science room also qualify, both in story and out.
  • The entirety of Koizumi's stay at "Friend Land" tapped directly into the a person's small, natural measure of paranoia very effectively. The "Bonus Level" arc was especially creepy.
  • The few moments where Urasawa drew mysterious characters in a stylized ghostly art-style. Specifically Proffesor Shikishima's daughter in 21st Century Boys when she was shown in her creepy nurse outfit with those cold dead eyes.
  • Koizumi being forced to stay at Sadakiyo's house while he puts on his best Norman Bates impression.
  • The reveal that there were three boys wearing masks.
  • "I told everyone you were dead."
  • The lab incident. Fukubei in hanging from the ceiling with a rope around his neck, ecstatic beacuse he made the others witness a miracle... and then begins to choke. No wonder poor Donkey jumped out of the window.
  • Majoume has a disturbing encounter with Friend in the virtual reality game, and exits to see Friend, disconnected from the game, standing over him. Not only is this freaky as hell, it's a major hint that there is more than one Friend.
  • The end of the virtual reality game, when Friend takes of his mask and you see old Sadakiyo's head attached to a kid's body. And just everything about Tomodachi Land, really.
  • Fukubei looks in the mirror. He has no face.
  • That freaking tower with the eye symbol. There's something utterly disturbing about that.
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