Heartwarming / The Vicar of Dibley

  • "On the contrary, sir; I shall have everything in the world that I desire."
  • Any episode that ends with David Horton saying the final lines, but the best of them is arguably Love And Marriage. Geraldine announces to the townspeople that she will be leaving to Liverpool, and Alice and Hugo's wedding would be her final service. At the very end of the episode, after Geraldine has told David the joke instead of Alice, David simply says "...Stay."
  • The Parish council's response to Geraldine's letter of resignation in the form of a banner in the village square:
    That tall git Simon may have bonked you and dumped you like an old jock strap - but we still love you.
  • The day after Frank comes out on Dibley Radio, Frank is overcome by how accepting everyone is of his homosexuality (even though it later turns out that no-one actually listened to his radio show):
    Frank: Oh, thank you. You are such... dear friends... excuse me a moment, I need a minute to gather myself.
  • David is in love with Geraldine and immediately realises she's the writer of a letter sent to the parish counsel's newsletter. He could have embarrassed her, or he could have tried to sway her away from her new Love Interest. Instead, he gives her this awesome piece of advice:
    “Yes, I’m not sure that’s right, Jim. I would have said something like, ‘From the tone of your letter, you’re clearly a sensitive and intelligent woman. My advice is: Do nothing. If the man is worthy of your love, he’ll come back to you. And if he doesn’t come back, don’t worry. He’s not right for you. And you’d be better alone than with the wrong man.’”
  • The scene where Harry proposes to Geraldine is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming.
    “I've loved you the second I laid eyes on you and I absolutely know that were ware meant to be together. Forever. And we will always be happy.’”
  • Hugo's proposal to Alice is both hilarious and one of the most heartwarming moments on the show.
  • "Animals". David's spent the entire series trying to get Geraldine fired, and it looks like her bless-the-animals service will be enough of a disaster for him to finally succeed. After a night of prayer (and chocolate), Geraldine prepares to face the music—and instead is greeted by streams of people and their pets. The music, a blaring, reedy instrumental version of the theme song, which is itself a choral version of Psalm 23, really elevates it.
  • The end of "The Window and the Weather." After getting enough money to replace the stained-glass window broken in the storm, Geraldine ends up donating most of it to an earthquake relief fund and getting an inexpensive plain window. She unveils it over a gorgeous sunset to universal praise as the parish council agrees it's one of the finest views in town. And David admits for the first time that Geraldine's not so bad.
  • "The Christmas Lunch Incident"
    • Though she tries to be sensible and not overeat, Frank, David, Alice, and Owen are so pitiful with their need to treat her to a delicious Christmas lunch that Geraldine just can't refuse them.
    • At the end of the day, Geraldine is back at the vicarage, feeling miserable and unloved, when Alice drops in and, with some surprising insight, says that Geraldine's the best thing that's ever happened to them, but that she probably doesn't realize it and so Alice has gotten everyone to come 'round and tell her so. Even though it ends with a truly sensational bout of indigestion when they press a turkey sandwich on her