Heartwarming / The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

  • Maurice's "two, and call it quits" speech.
  • Despite Keith and Malicia spending the entire book arguing with each other, Malicia shyly asks Keith to join her at the celebration.
  • Darktan and mayor talking by the end of the book.
  • In the BBC radio adaptation, there's a pretty touching bit between Maurice and Dangerous Beans towards the end:
    Maurice: Dangerous Beans?!
    Dangerous Beans: I'm here, Maurice. All is well. You saved me.
    Maurice: I'm a cat. We don't save people.
    Dangerous Beans: You do. *slight pause* Malicia has given me her old copy of... the Book. Funny, heh, I never wondered before why there are no cats in it. Now I do.
  • The mention of how even keekees will lead a blind companion to safety using a stick. Anyone who's ever cared about their pet rat, and felt frustrated by how much these clever, hypersocial little animals are demonized, will be touched by Pterry's inclusion of that charming Real Life detail.